The Mystery Of "London After Midnight"

Even though this film was made in 1927 it is still one of the most sought after lost films, “London After Midnight” is like the holy grail to horror fans.

“London After Midnight” was a silent horror film done by Tod Browning (the genius who brought us such films as “Freaks” & “Dracula”) and starred the infamous Lon Chaney. Which to me was a perfect match. The film grossed $500,000 at the box office, becoming the most successful collaborative film between Chaney and Browning. 


Browning later remade the film into a talkie, with some changes to the plot, as “Mark Of The Vampire” With Bela Lugosi portraying the vampire. 
No known copies of the film are known to exist, although there has been an attempt at a reconstruction utilizing the script and publicity shots. The last known copy was destroyed in a fire in an MGM vault in 1967. It is hoped that eventually a print of this film may be discovered in a foreign archive or a private collection.

To see a partially restored version click here

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