An Interview With Dustin Wayde Mills

I got the chance to interview Dustin Wayde Mills, here’s that interview.

First of all thanks for taking the time to do this.

Q1: What inspired you to start making your own films?

I think it was seeing all of the “making of” specials and documentaries that aired in the early 90’s. It seems like around the time that “Jurassic Park” and “Terminator 2” were coming out, there was this new interest into how blockbuster films were made. There was even a show on Discovery channel called “Movie Magic” that was all about special effects. Seeing those made me realize that filmmaking is a craft. Its something you do with your hands. That got me excited and had my mind racing about different stories I would like to tell and how I could tell them.

Q2: You’ve also done music videos, how did that come about?
I actually did music videos first. I like doing music videos because they gives me an opportunity to be non linear and abstract. They allow me to experiment with editing and fx work.

Q3: If you had to pick one favourite film out of the ones you’ve made, which would you choose?

That is really difficult. They are all my babies, but at the same time I don’t really sit around and watch them. I think I had the best time making “Easter Casket”. I think that “Easter Casket” and “Night Of The Tentacles” are my two best films for entirely different reasons.

Q4: What were your favourite horror films whilst you were growing up?

“Monster Squad”, “Gremlins”, “Dark Night Of The Scarecrow”, “Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight” (which is a masterpiece that is completely underrated), “Night Of The Creeps”, “Return Of The Living Dead”, “Tremors”, “Little Shop Of Horrors”, “Forbidden World”, “Humanoids From the Deep”. I am a B-Movie guy. Intense, oppressive, dramatic, disturbing horror is cool sometimes, but I like pretty girls, rubber monsters, and over the top heroes the best.

Q5: What’s your opinion on CGI VS Practical effects?

I think a bad effect is a bad effect and a good effect is a good effect regardless of how it was executed. I think its a cool thing now to say “fuck CGI!”, but thats not a great mindset to have. I will say that I think the best fx are the ones that utilize practical and digital elements.

Q6: What would be your dream casting for one of your films? (Including actors/actresses that have passed)

I get asked this every once in awhile and the truth is that I don’t really want to work with movie stars or legends that much. Its not something I think about. There are actors I admire, but I like working with my friends and actors on the amateur level. I would like to work with Doug Jones, but thats the only person I can really think of.

Q7: Have you got anything exciting lined up?

I certainly hope so! Coming up we have “Kill That Bitch”, then “The Ballad Of Skinless Pete”, and then “Country Dark”, and then I start pre-production on “PMMII: Monstergeddon”. I am also starting a series of “Monstervision” inspired DVDs called “DMP Dumpstervision”. There is a lot going on in the coming year.

Q8: What’s your views on the current state of the Horror genre?

Thats a tough one. I imagine its the same as it always is. There are a handful of great movies coming out and a shit load of not so great ones. Only time will tell I guess. I will say that films like “Manborg” and “Adam Chaplin” have me excited for the world of microbudget filmmaking.

Q9: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
In my footsteps? Yeah… don’t do it. I AM POOR! However, for those of you that want to make films: Quit bellyaching and making excuses. Just fucking do it, ya sissies. Just make sure you make something cool so I can watch it and enjoy it.

Q10: Any final words for anyone reading this?

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