Looking Back At "The River"

In 2012 ABC did a tv show called “The River”

Unfortunately, like a lot of shows, it got cancelled after just one season.

The was about a crew of a research vessel who are on a quest to find a missing TV explorer in the Amazon.

It was a TV show that I thoroughly enjoyed and each episode had me on the edge of my seat, something that very rarely happens to me.

The show featured some absolutely fantastic writing and amazing storytelling that drew you in right from the beginning and never let go.

It had perfect pacing, it’d tease you just enough so that you wanted more and when you got answers it gave you more questions.

The cast was fantastic with the likes of Bruce Greenwood, Joe Anderson, Leslie Hope, Paul Blackthorne, Thomas Kretschmann, Lee Tergesen and more.

There is not one weak actor in this series and I applaud each and every one of them for a great job as it didn’t look like the easiest work.

We only got 8 episodes but each episode manages to outdo the last one and keeps the ongoing story fresh with it’s twists and turns.

One thing I really liked about this show was that it wasn’t about pretty girls and boys or wrapping the story up with each episode, it took risks and it paid off big time.

The show had some seriously creepy moments that were refreshing to see when it was released, it was some truly tense viewing.
Initially I was mad when it got cancelled, I thought “Here we go again, another good show cancelled” and it irritated me for quite a long time.
Looking back on it now I realise that 1 season was enough, the story had unfolded and it didn’t outstay it’s welcome. We were left wanting more but that’s part of why it’s still loved.
I just seriously wish it would get a DVD release here in the UK where it also had a fanbase, damn you DVD region codes!
“The River” was an excellent TV show that inspired future shows and was a kickstarter for others, I just hope it isn’t forgotten in time.

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