Looking Back At The Exquisite Corpse Comic

A one of a kind three part miniseries brought to you by Jerry Prosser and the Pander Brothers.

For those who don’t know I’m a big fan of comic books and I recently came across this set from 1990 that was published by Dark Horse Comics, one of my favourite publishers as they’ve done some fantastic Horror stuff.

Reading this miniseries I got that feeling I hadn’t felt in years, like I was looking at something I wasn’t supposed to. I hadn’t had this experience for a lot of years and it was quite strange yet good all at the same time.

This experience made me feel like an adolescent again, when I first started regularly watching Horror and had a sense that I was doing something naughty and was worried about being caught.

The comics themselves are unlike normal comic series, not just the content but the fact that comics are usually numbered these are not and can are only marked by coloured symbols that are red, green and yellow.

The content inside seriously messes with your head, another experience I hadn’t had for a long time and I was quite speechless afterwards as my brain tried to comprehend what I’d just been reading. This isn’t a strike against it though, I was happy about it.

The fact that the miniseries can be read in any order is also something I’ve never seen before, this is one of the things that causes you to be baffled as you’re not given a constructed way of reading them.

Huge credit goes to writer Jerry Prosser, this must’ve taken so much time to construct the story in such a way and the artwork compliments the story so well. Credit to Arnold Pander and Jacob Pander, fantastic work.

I applaud Dark Horse Comics for taking a huge gamble with this miniseries as it definitely isn’t for everyone, it could even turn the stomachs of some adults. It’s definitely not something you’d find released today,

If you ever find this series then I urge you to buy it, it’s something you don’t find very often and it’s an experience of a read.

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