Horror Review: Sea Beast (2009)


The fishing vessel Solita crosses a storm during the night and the Skipper Will McKenna witnesses a weird creature attacking the crewman Joey. 


“Sea Beast”, also known as “Troglodyte”, is a Canadian 2009 Horror/Sci-Fi movie. It is also a film which highlights how bad CGI can ruin a good film! The concept to this film is nothing new, an outer space monster eating people, but when you get a Horror/Sci-FI crossover it’s nearly always the same concepts. Truth be told, I enjoy a good Horror/Sci-FI, I think the 2 genres go well together, but only when it’s done properly!!

This film has it all going for it, the storyline is decent, the acting is great, so is the films script, then you actually see the “sea beast” and it all goes downhill.
This happens to me more often than I can put up with, I sit down to watch a film, start enjoying it and *BAM* I’m put off by bad CGI! It really does ruin a film for me, I end up laughing at it, “The actors aren’t even looking at it, the monsters on the left, why are they looking at the right side of them, is there a scary looking stick?” 
The problem is, is that nowadays studios prefer the CGI method to practical. Don’t get me wrong when it’s done properly CGI can be entertaining, Take the film “Cloverfield” for example, its understandable why the monster was CGI’d but it was also enjoyable.
Sorry for going off track, the truth is this film is a good laugh, I’m sure thats not what the studio was going for but thats how its come out. If you can put up with bad CGI then watch it, if like me it annoys you then just don’t bother!
To see the trailer for “Sea Beast” click here