Children’s Horror: Where’s It Gone?

Whilst watching the TV on a night of babysitting, I had a sudden realisation….There’s no “Horror” cartoons or family friendly horror shows any more.

I started thinking about programme’s I used to watch as a child, thing’s like “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”, “AAAHH!! Real Monsters” , “The Munster’s”, “Trap Door”, Even cartoon versions of “Addams Family” & “Beetlejuice”. They may not have been scary but the Horror element’s were there. It was like a kid’s introduction to Horror, or even Horror entertainment for kids! Even ghost story books like Goosebumps, you just don’t see them around anymore. Same with family friendly Horror films like “Goosebumps “.

Nowadays it’s all brightly coloured children’s programme’s that give you a migraine within 30 seconds of watching it, or kids running around high on E-numbers.
All of this saddened me, it’s such a shame really. I remember loving a-lot of these shows as a child, I even remember getting quite scared at “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” sometimes.


They will never know what there missing out on and really it is a damn shame!

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