The Price You Pay For Being A Horror Fan….

Being a major fan of the Horror Genre is an amazing experience.

The community feeling you get when being with other Horror fans, no arguments about films, characters, writers etc, just discussions & opinions. No argument about which is the best film that Hugh Grant plays the bumbling romantic in or how gorgeous Johnny Depp is in his newest flick. It’s more about which N.O.E.S. is the best or Why Halloween 3 IS a good film.
Unfortunately being a Horror fan also has many downfalls…

The weird looks you get from strangers whilst discussing Horror Films with your friends, also from the movie staff whilst ordering a ticket to Friday The 13th Part 82, the look of disgust from the Blockbusters Clerk whilst renting the newest George A. Romero zombie film, Having a movie night and being the only person to bring a Horror movie and everyone laughs and shoves it to one side….We’ve all been in situations like these in one way or another. I myself have even been called and I quote “A serial killer in the making” because of my love for the Horror genre. It’s the price we pay for the genre we love!

I have been asked “is it all worth it?” and even “Just hide the Horror and watch it when you’re on your own” well all I can say is….. I’M A HORROR FANATIC AND PROUD OF IT!!!! Yes it is worth it and I wont hide it away like I’m ashamed of it and neither should any of you. It is a community to be proud of being involved in. Wear your Horror proudly! So the next time you rent the newest Wes Craven film, or go to the movies to watch SAW 13, just smile at them and maybe a wink to send a chill up there spines 😉

2 thoughts on “The Price You Pay For Being A Horror Fan….

  1. I use to be this way. I don't have to hide anymore. All my friends are cool with it, some like horror too. We usually like watching things together, like Dexter. Our favorite show. haha, On the serial killer coming out thing. Serial killer is one of my old nick names, but I do have questionable habits and I understand why they say it. But I do get weird reactions from older women about my horror love. But the thing is sex has nothing to do with it. All my friends are female.


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