Icon Of The Month: Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey Combs, best known as “Herbert West” from the “Re-Animator” series is my Icon of the month. He is such an under-rated actor and, in my opinion, has never got the recognition he deserves from the film business, but his fans truly love him and he does have a-lot of fans in both the Horror and Sci-Fi world.


Combs is to H.P. Lovecraft like Price was to Poe, starring in 5 H.P. Lovecraft films, most notably “Re-Animator” the film that launched Combs into Horror Fans hearts. 

He seems to be the silent man in Horror, keeping a low profile, even in films, who can forget the role of “Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt” from the remake of William Castle’s “House On Haunted Hill” Hardly saying a word but his performance was outstanding! Creepy yet subtle, what else do you expect from him!?

Also his role as “Special Agent Milton Dammers” (A personal favourite of mine) in Peter Jackson’s comedy horror “The Frighteners” was out of this world! Combs is such a fantastic character actor that its hard to actually recognise him if you don’t know who he is, it’s rare that you get a moment of “What have I seen him in before?”. But back to “The Frighteners”, his acting in that film was so good he was Nominated for a  Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor the second time he’d been nominated for the award since his nomination for his acting in “Bride Of The Re-Animator”. 

And lastly who can forget the remake of “The Wizard Of Gore” where he starred alongside none other than Brad Dourif & Crispin Glover. Simply known as “The Geek” was also outstanding and to see 3 great character actors who are loved by Horror fans all in one film.

Yes Combs is seriously overlooked by Hollywood, but I think that’s a good thing, it’s kept him grounded and it’s also kept him in the indie circuit. If you haven’t seen anything by Combs I highly recommend you do, as the man is a master of his art! 

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