A Family Friendly Halloween

Halloween is the one holiday were we can all put a little terror in peoples lives. The dressing up, the tricks & treats and of-course…. The films.

But it’s also a holiday a family can enjoy together. Some parents are very wary of what their children watch, which is understandable, but it doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun. There are family friendly horror themed films that the whole family can enjoy together. So here’s a list of some of those films:

Of-course every parent is different and these films range from toddlers to teens, if you want to know more about the films then click on the name to see the trailer.
Yes I know these films seem tame compared to my usual suggestions but like the title says “Family-Friendly”. Every kid has got to start somewhere. There’s also the Munsters TV series, along with The Addams Family & The Twilight Zone TV series. Also old Hammer Horror & Universal Monsters films aswell.
And don’t forget, once the kids are in bed you can get out the REAL Horror films to enjoy 😉 

4 thoughts on “A Family Friendly Halloween

  1. Best part is, even as an adult these films are enjoyable! Although, Nightmare before Christmas is on the rotating spin of Christmas movies I watch too! Casper and Wendy the Witch wasn't bad, and most kids like it, but Casper with Christina Ricci I will never forget, love love LOVED it. Halloweentown had a couple sequels, surprisingly not that bad, until you get to the one that had Sara Paxton in it. Its not terrible absolute, but not really following the halloweentown sense. As with any movie though, if you are unsure it is fit for your child, watch it yourself first. Just remember that other parents will have different opinions, so if your having a halloween party with movies, clear them with the other parents first! :]


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