Where Are They Now?: #4

Does this guy look familiar?


Well if it doesn’t, don’t feel bad, because you never saw his face because he played this guy:
Yes that’s right, this months “Icon Of The Month” is on the original Michael Myers, Nick Castle!
It’s a film and character that most Horror fans love, John Carpenters classic “Halloween”, the film that gave us “The Shape” A.K.A. Michael Myers, several people may have played Michael in the film, but it’s Nick Castle who was the main actor to don the mask.

Castle donned the altered $1.98 William Shatner mask and gave life to the character, his movements, slow paced walking, his characteristics brought Jason alive and scared the bejezus out of us all, some are still recovering!


Castle was born Nicholas Charles Castle, Jr. in Los Angeles, California, the son of Millie and Nicholas Charles Castle, Sr. who was an actor and top choreographer for motion pictures, television, and the stage, and was nominated for an Emmy. As a child, Nick Castle often appeared as an extra or in bit roles in his father’s films. He studied film at USC, where he served as cinematographer for the Academy Award-winning live action short film The Resurrection of Broncho Billy.

It was along with his friend John Carpenter that he came in to the Horror world and has never left the fans hearts, minds and fears, Truth is, is that behind the scenes Castle was known as a bit of a joker, always making people laugh. He didn’t stay in the acting world though, he only did 1 more film after “Halloween” then went on to become a Director.

Nick Castle & John Carpenter did work together again when they co-wrote 1981’s classic “”Escape From New York”. Castle would continue to write and direct on his own.

Something Carpenter likes to do in his films is pay tribute to friends and colleagues and that was no different in “The Fog” where he pays tribute to his friend Nick Castle by naming one of the characters after him (Played by Tom Atkins),

He went on to Direct films such as “TAG: The Assisination Game”, “The Last Starfighter”, “The Boy Who Could Fly”, “Major Payne” and more, Including the well known “Dennis The Menace” film. 
He also directed television shows such as “Amazing Stories”, “Delivering Milo”, “Connor’s War” and more.  Although he never stayed in the Horror genre you can’t deny his directing skills, especially in his family comedies. He may not have done any work since 2006 but there’s no denying that Horror fans will always love him .
Nick Castle nowadays

4 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?: #4

  1. I think he should Don the Shape mask again just to show people this is how its supposed to be done…its interesting that when they talk about all of the guys that played Myers/The Shape his name never comes up for some reason.


  2. Yeah and Dick Warlock always says he took off where Nick Castle left off with the character because if you watch the original and Part 2 its almost like watching the same person even though you can tell its Warlock by the bow legged walk in part 2.


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