"American Mary" — The Soska Sisters Return!

Since the Soska Sisters (Twisted Twins) burst onto the scene with the future cult classic “Dead Hooker In A Trunk” their popularity has exploded in the Horror genre. With the release of just one film they’re fan base is VERY large and a very dedicated one.

I love the fact the the Twisted Twins are pumping new blood in-to a genre that is being ruined and dragged down by the vast amount of remakes, reboots and prequels. Finally we are going to be given something original and fresh. 
The full film cast was released not long ago, and I was very impressed, especially the casting of leading lady Katharine Isabelle (Star of the Ginger Snaps series, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Freddy VS Jason & more). Here is a list of the full cast:
Katharine Isabelle as Mary Mason 
Antonio Cupo as Billy Barker
Tristan Risk as Beatress Johnson 
David Lovgren as Dr. Grant 
Paula Lindberg as Ruby RealGirl
Twan Holliday as Lance Delgreggo
I have had the honour & privilege of reading the “American Mary” script and I can tell you as someone who is hard to impress ……………… I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!! 
The Soska sisters are going to soar very high in this genre, and I for one think they fully deserve it. So, if like me your sick of the way Hollywood is ruining our beloved genre then jump on this bandwagon and get strapped in for the ride because these Twisted Twins are bringing Horror back, made by fans for fans.
To see the teaser trailer for “American Mary” click here

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