My Love For Horror Anthologies

Ever since I was a child and having the attention span of a goldfish, like all kids do, I’ve loved a good short Horror story. I would pay attention to detail and the world around me was forgotten, if it didn’t have some sort of creepy element then I wasn’t interested, so it’s no wonder that as I got older I fell in love with the Horror genre.

One aspect of the genre I have always had a soft spot for is the Horror anthology films. Just because it’s a short story doesn’t mean it can’t have the same impact as a full length feature film, and also if there’s a story you don’t like then no worries, another story will be coming up next.
I think one of the reasons I enjoy them so much is because it’s like watching a camp fire story come to life on your screen. Half of the stories fright is in the storytelling and if you get the right actors/narrators etc it can work so well, so well in-fact that a story that runs 20 minutes can have a huge impact on you.

But on the flip side if it doesn’t well it can be a chore to watch, especially if the stories are bad or badly acted. It is rare this happens but it’s such a shame when it does, especially when you see a-lot of potential in the story itself.


There have been many great Horror anthology films done over the years, I suppose the most popular are “Creepshow”, “Tales From The Crypt”, “Tales From The Darkside” and also you have the Horror antholohy tv series. I’m also happy to see that the Horror anthology genre is still going, with releases such as “Trick ‘r Treat”, “George A. Romero’s Deadtime Stories” and “Chillereama”. It just shows that there is still a demand for this type of film.

I will always love my Horror anthology films, just as much as I will always love a good Horror story. I do hope we see more releases of this type of film, it’s a great way for writers and actors alike to get a foothold in the business.

So what’s your favourite Horror anthology film or story?

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