Bad Casting Choices

When it comes to casting actors for a film it doesn’t always go right, over the years there has been some awful choices that have been made.

Sometimes you’re left wondering how a certain person got a film role. So here’s a list of just some of my choices of some bad casting:

Tom Cruise – “Interview With A Vampire”

When it comes to casting vampire films one of the last actors I would think of is Tom Cruise. He is a severely over-rated actor and he shows it in this film, a bad performance from him, yet he was praised for it.

Nicholas Cage – “The Wicker Man”

Ah yes, the inevitable Cage post, the man’s made so many movies he had to be in here somewhere and “The Wicker Man” is my choice. He played his role so bad it made a bad remake even more of a stinker

Paris Hilton – “House Of Wax”

How? Just how did Paris Hilton get a role in the “House Of Wax” remake? The woman who copyrighted “That’s hot” got a big role in this film purely based on her name, she has no acting ability and you spend the entire film just waiting for her to be killed off and *SPOILER* when she finally is her practical effect head showed more acting ability than her.

Vince Vaughn – “Psycho”

 Yes that’s right, Mr. Romantic Comedy himself got the role of Horrors beloved Norman Bates in Gus Van Sants awful remake of “Psycho”. Now whoever got the role had big shoes to fill after Anthony Perkins brilliant performances as Bates, but surely, SURELY there were better choices for the role! 

LL Cool J – “Halloween: H20”
 When it comes to musicians in Horror films I must admit I’m not a fan at all, now I’m not saying that LL Cool J can’t act because he’s actually not too bad (Compared to others) but he should not have been cast in this film, it was way out of his abilities and should’ve gone to someone with more experience. 


Tyra Banks – “Halloween Resurrection”

 What the hell was she doing in this film? The woman doesn’t have an acting bone in her body and was cringe worthy when on screen.

Busta Rhymes – “Halloween Resurrection”
As I said before, I’m not a fan of musicians in Horror films and here’s a big example of why, Busta Rhymes ‘acting’ was one of THE WORST I’ve seen and I’ve seen my fair share. He was truly AWFUL and ruined what could have been a good film.
Shia Labeouf – “Disturbia”

 This film had so much potential, yes why the idea of it all was not original it had the premise of being a very thrilling film, then Shia Labeouf got the lead role. The film could have been a terrifying and exciting watch, instead were left with too much of a comedic relief of an actor.

Keanu Reeves – “Dracula”

For a man who played a wild, crazy kid in “Bill & Ted” it was shocking to see such a wooden performance from Reeves. It seemed like he was a robot being fed instructions and what was shot was what this robot played out. Such a shame this man was cast alongside Gary Oldman who put in a fantastic performance, hard to believe he was even considered for the role of Dracula before Oldman got it.

Nicole Kidman – “The Others”

Hollywood A-listers have a bad habit, that habit is called botox. Kidman had, had so much botox that it affected her performance in an otherwise enjoyable movie. With her face frozen from emotion in a role that requires a-lot of it, it makes her performance hard to watch.

So there is just some of my choices of bad casting, who would you pick?

2 thoughts on “Bad Casting Choices

  1. I agree with most of these, however I can appreciate Shia in disturbia. He was trying to break his comedic mold, and it kind of worked for me, despite remembering him as the brat in even stevens. I think hes discovered now he is better at creating \”gorror\” than being in it *see the project he did with marilyn manson* As for Keanu Reeves and Nicole Kidman, I guess I saw those movies when I was younger and I was more impressed with the actual movies to notice any bad acting.


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