Is The Age Of The Scream Queen Dead?

When I was younger the term ‘Scream Queen’ was not a title you gave yourself, it was a title you earned and was given to you by fans of the Horror genre. For a while I’ve been pondering the question, ” Is the age of the Scream Queen dead?” Here’s my thought’s on it.

When I think of Scream Queens I think of actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau, Linnea Quigley and even further back with the likes of Caroline Munro, Barbara Shelley, Ingrid Pitt and more. It seems that nowadays anyone can become a Scream Queen, as-long as you have a social network profile and some Horror themed photos.

I think the term Scream Queen died a long time ago, the name was freely given out to anyone, some that weren’t even in films, that, I don’t understand. There’s only 2 modern Scream Queens I can think of and that’s Danielle Harris and Amber Heard, 2 women who are plying their trade in the Horror genre and have gained a-lot of respect from fans.

Danielle Harris is a strange one when it comes to the “Scream Queens”, at the age of 11 she became a young starter in The Horror genre and although she has dabbled in work outside of the genre, the Horror genre is her main work and you can tell she loves it, it shows in her work and now at the age of 34 she shows no signs of stopping.

My fears for the term Scream Queens were mostly tarnished in 2008 when I saw an advert for a TV show of the same name. A reality show that chronicles a group of unknown actresses competing for a role in a Horror movie. I remember that I wasn’t the only Horror fan that wasn’t happy about this and I have to admit that I also NEVER watched it, yes it might seem contradictive that I hate a show I never watched, but I hate what the show is based on.

I think in this day and age the term just gets thrown around way too easily and it’s no longer something you have to work for or even earn. It’s become a joke in some ways, which is such a shame. The only respect I have for these people who get the term ‘Scream Queens’ put upon them even though they’re not in film is when they call themselves a ‘Horror Model’, that is when I’m glad they wont taint the title.


To me, yes the age of the Scream Queen is dead, it’s no longer a title to be proud of, no longer something to earn. It’s such a shame really but it’s the age we live in. What’s your view?

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