Where Are They Now?: #7

Does this guy look familiar to you?

Hmmm maybe, what If I told you he played this character:

Yes that’s right this month’s “Where Are They Now?” segment is on Horrors own Evil Ed, Stephen Geoffreys.


Born Stephen Geoffrey Miller in Cincinnati, Ohio, Geoffreys first began acting on the stage. Geoffreys first began acting at a performing arts high school in Cincinnati and attended acting classes at New York University.  In 1984, he was nominated for Broadway’s Tony Award for “Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical” for his performance in a play based on the “The Human Comedy”.  For this role, he won the Theatre World Award in 1984.


It was only 1 year later that Geoffreys got his big break in the 80’s vampire classic “Fright Night”, Geoffreys gave an excellent and inspired performance as obnoxious horror movie geek Evil Ed. Two of Geoffrey’s lines from that film became catch phrases in the mid ’80’s: “To what do I owe this dubious pleasure?” and “You’re so cool, Brewster!”. It was to be the film that was supposed to make him a star to make him a star.


Stephen displayed a real flair for comedy with his amusing turns as the antsy Williams in “Heaven Help Us” (1985) and the nerdy Wendell in “Fraternity Vacation” (1985). Other memorable roles include persecuted wimp Hoax in “976-EVIL” (1988), hardened inmate Roach in the haunted prison film “The Chair” (1988), and slimy drug dealer Cookie in “Moon 44” (1990).

In 1988 he was offered the chance to reprise his role of Evil Ed in “Fright Night II” but he turned it down, Some critics have suggested that Geoffrey’s refusal to appear in the “Fright Night” sequel was a major career misstep.

Then in the 90’s he seemed to disappear from our screens, this is because Geoffreys appeared for several years in gay pornographic movies, using the aliases Sam Ritter and Stephan Bordeaux. It became an urban legend amongst Horror fans, of-course when the truth came out it was a big shock.

During this time he also went back to doing stage work and for a while was forgotten about due to lack of films/shows he never did.

After a regrettably lengthy absence from the big screen (nearly 20 years) he finally returned to the Horror genre in a supporting role as “Mr. Putski” in the independent film Sick Girl, released in October 2007.


He went on to play a lead role in the horror film “New Terminal Hotel”. He later filmed the horror movie “Emerging Past”, which also featured actor Brooke McCarter of “The Lost Boys” fame.

Geoffreys has stated in interviews his love for Horror films: “Horror movies are fun to do. They’re exciting; there’s never a dull moment. You really have to use your imagination a whole lot. You just don’t put the make-up on and be scary. You really have to believe it. You have to believe this is really happening to you. If you can achieve that reality, it’s exciting.”
He is now back in the genre and has been welcomed back with open arms, he is still in the independent circuit but I don’t think it will be long before he gets another break through, I know he’s nearing 50 but he’s too good of an actor. He is also a huge hit on the convention circuit. 
Stephen Geoffreys nowadays, with a fan at a convention

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