The 80’s: A Fans Point Of View: Part 4

Q4: When “Halloween” came out in 1978 it seemed to reinvent the Horror genre, did you feel a change was coming after you saw the film?
Robin: I thought it was great to have a new horror film. I remember watching it over and over on HBO but I had no idea that, that would be ushering in the serial slasher flicks.

Grant: Sorry I cannot answer that question as I didn’t actually watch it until the late 80’s for some reason.

Jeff: Well, when it first came out I was a little to young to see that, but a year or so after words I watched it on pay TV and thought WOW, this guy (Carpenter) is gonna go somewhere, yeah even that young I thought that. You could almost sense that something was going to happen, but not really until the first F13 came out, then you knew the age of low budget slasher flicks was upon us.

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