1 Year Anniversary Special: An Interview With Raz

In celebration of the 1 year anniversary of this blog I announced in an earlier post that I would let the tables be turned and let you ask the questions to me.

So as promised here it is!

Q1: What is your favourite Horror movie?

A: This is a hard one because I have a-lot of favourites, I’d have to say it’s between “Evil Dead” and “Halloween”. They’re both Horror films but completely different sub-genres, hell I could pick a favourite for each sub-genre.

Q2: Who’s your favourite Horror actor & actress of past and present?

A: Hmmm….. I’ve always had a soft spot for Robert Englund, he maybe huge to Horror fans but I feel he’s an underdog in the industry itself and very under-rated. Past actor would be Vincent Price, he left a hole in the genre that will never be filled, he was truly one of a kind. Actresses, present would have to be Danielle Harris, to me she seems to be one of the last true Scream Queens and yet she’s only in her 30’s, she’s very talented. Past I’d say Barbara Steele, the woman’s 74 and still going!

Q3: What made you start Raz’s Midnight Macabre?

A: Ever since I was a kid I’ve been intrigued by all things strange and creepy, as I grew up I loved anything with monsters and loved the thrill of getting scared. I’ve always enjoyed talking about the genre with others and reading articles and such so one day I decided to start my own blog to write down and share these thoughts with people everywhere, that’s one of the great advantages of the internet. What started out as a hobby has exploded into something completely different.

Q4: How did you become a writer for SomeWhatNerdy?

A: Chris (Snarfkris, “HEY BOSS MAN!”) at SomeWhatNerdy e-mailed me one day to try and help me get more sign ups for my blog for a blog competition I was trying to enter. With Halloween coming up we hit up-on the idea of doing a “Halloween” franchise review to get my writing out there, he liked it so much and I enjoyed it so much that we just decided to carry it on and I still do it now and more.

Q5: You worked for Horrormovies.ca for a while then just suddenly stopped, what happened?

A: It was my first time writing for a commercial website and I was ecstatic to be part of that team. Problem was is that I was used to creative freedom and not being told what to write about and after a few problems with the site I decided to focus more on my own blog and carry on writing for SomeWhatNerdy where I’m given all the freedom I want and I feel part of a better team. It just didn’t work out and I learned a-lot from that.

Q6: Why do you hate Michael Bay so much?

A: Have you watched his movies? Yes, then you don’t need to ask me! In all seriousness I feel like Michael Bay is a con artist or has a huge secret about someone in the industry to get to where he’s at because it certainly wasn’t about talent. The guy just re-makes classics that he knows will earn him big bucks and has no respect for fans or even the people involved in the originals. Plus he’s way too C.G.I. happy and if you watch his films and I mean actually watch them, you’ll see they’re all the same.

Q7: Zombies are REALLY popular at the moment and I’m getting pretty sick of them. What’s your thoughts on them?

A: Personally I love zombies, always have and always will. Right now there a big hit but give it a while and a new trend will come along, that’s what happens. It isn’t the first time they’ve been popular and it won’t be the last. They are popular for a good reason though and that is because they are so damn scary, we see ourselves stripped of humanity, personality and everything that makes us, us. We’re just left with a void shell that is hell bent on tearing you apart for food. We may not see them as scary as we once did because it’s been so over done but deep down they will always be scary to me.


Q8: What is your scariest Horror movie?

A: Always has been and always will be “The Exorcist”. If there was ever a claim to being the perfect Horror movie then that would be it. Every time I watch that movie I’m left with chills and it always finds a way to scare me each time. The score to the film is one of the best ever in film and has amazing dialogue, everything about it it’s just amazing, For a film that’s nearly 40 years old it hasn’t aged at all.

Q9: What’s your thoughts on the indie scene?

A: I feel like the genre’s at a turning point, it’s like the 70’s/80’s again in a sense but it’s different this time round as you don’t need the amount of money you needed back then. even for an independent feature. With today’s technology of hand held HD cameras etc at such low prices groups can make a film for next to nothing. There have been some true gems that have been done this way but like the 70’s/80’s the scene is over-run with bad films, but those rare gems are worth rummaging through the garbage, who knows, they maybe our future cult classics!


Q10: You’ve done a few interviews, who would be your favourite person to interview?

A: BRUCE CAMPBELL!!!! The guy is a hero to me and to be able to interview him would be a fan boys dream come true. I’ve tried to get interviews with SO many people it’s unreal so when I have been accepted to do an interview I grasp it with both hands. It’s not as easy as people think, I’ve had people ask me “Why not interview this actor?”, “Why not interview that writer?” etc but truth is it’s near impossible to get an interview with anyone, especially when you’re not a huge, well known website, but I’m VERY grateful to those who did agree to be interviewed.

Thank you to everyone for your questions, I thoroughly enjoyed answering them all for you. I’d also like to thank you all for your continued support of the page and also thank you for helping mark this milestone which I hope will be the first of many to come.

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