My Best & Worst Films Of 2012

2012 hasn’t exactly been the best year to be a Horror fan. In this list I’m going to give you a run-down of my best & worst of 2012.

To see the trailers for these films just click on the film name, I’d also like to point out they are in no particular favourite order, So here we go:


Asylum Blackout – A group of cooks at an asylum for the criminally insane get locked in with the inmates during a massive thunderstorm. This film is a real gem and has a great throwback feel. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Cockneys VS Zombies – A gang of bank robbers fight their way out of a zombie-infested London. This Comedy/Horror was a great film. The humour didn’t dampen the gore at all, if you enjoyed “Shaun Of The Dead” then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.

The Woman In Black – A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. A highly anticipated release that saw Daniel Radcliffe step out of the shadow of “Harry Potter”, he has a bright future in this genre as he shows us in this film.

The Devils Carnival – Lost souls enter The Devil’s Carnival where they are each faced with the sins they committed in life. A Horror/Musical?! Yep, that’s right and it was done brilliantly, it may be shorter than your usual release but it didn’t need 90 minutes to entertain you.

Exit Humanity – A young man’s struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil War. A great addition to the zombie genre.

Truth Or Dare – Young British boys and girls travel to an isolated cabin after being promised a night of heavy partying. This a great British release that mixes Horror and Thriller perfectly. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Chained – A cab-driving serial killer who stalks his prey on the city streets alongside his reluctant protégé, who must make a life or death choice. This Horror/Thriller was a very dark and gloomy film that pulled no punches and the story was one of the bleakest yet attention grabbing I’ve seen for a while.

The Tunnel – An investigation into a government cover-up leads to a network of abandoned train tunnels deep beneath the heart of Sydney. As a journalist and her crew hunt for the story it quickly becomes clear the story is hunting them. A fantastic found footage/mockumentary from Australia. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Rogue River – While spreading her father’s ashes, Mara meets Jon who offers to give her a ride. Risking everything to escape this hell she’s entered, she won’t stop running until she finds safety. – a very tense film and a great performance from Bill Moseley.

Outpost II: Black Sun – a NATO task force is hurriedly deployed to Eastern Europe, where a sinister enemy appears to be mercilessly killing everything in its path. But this is no ordinary foe. This sequel to “Outpost” was one I was very much looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint, there even maybe a third feature on the way.

The Barrens – A man takes his family on a camping trip and becomes convinced they are being stalked by the legendary monster of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: the Jersey Devil. A slow paced but very tense film helped by a great performance from Stephen Moyer.

Puppet Master X: Axis Rising – One of Toulon’s mysterious Puppets has been kidnapped by the Nazis, and under the wicked, watchful eye of the occultist Commandant Moebius, the Puppets’ life-giving serum is synthesized to create a master race of unstoppable soldiers. A great entrance into the “Puppet Master” franchise, you know what you’re in for by this point.

The Shadow Of Death – A mystery killer stalks an English rainy woodland and finds a cabin inhabited by lost stoners. This was my favourite indie film of the year, yes I enjoyed it that much! I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Nailbiter – A mother and her three daughters are trying to get to the airport to pick up Mr Maguire, the daughter’s father. But on the way there is a tornado warning and the trip starts to get too dangerous. Another great independent release that showcases the talent the circuit has.

The House At The End Of The Street – A mother and daughter move to a new town and find themselves living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents. This movie surpassed my expectations and I highly enjoyed it.

Lovely Molly – Newly-wed Molly moves into her deceased father’s house in the countryside, where painful memories soon begin to haunt her. I know it was a bit of a mess of a movie but that just seemed to add to the creepiness of film and it had some amazing imagery

ATM – On a late night visit to an ATM, three co-workers end up in a desperate fight for their lives when they become trapped by an unknown man. A very claustrophobic film that had high tension throughout. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Excision – A disturbed and delusional high school student with aspirations of a career in medicine goes to extremes to earn the approval of her controlling mother. I’m not usually a fan of arty films but this one was great and had some very disturbing scenes.

Father’s Day – Ahab, a man obsessed with exacting a brutal, violent revenge on the man who murdered his dad, joins John, an eager priest, and Twink, a hot-headed street hustler, on an epic quest to find and defeat this mythical monster known as Chris Fuchman AKA The Father’s Day Killer. Troma films, you either love them or hate them. I love them and this release is Troma at it’s best.

Grabbers – When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive. Another great Horror/Comedy, this film was a great surprise and is a real gem of a watch.

Some Guy Who Kills People – Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life. A fantastic film that does tread more on the thriller side more than Horror but as-long as you don’t expect lots of gore I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Apartment 143 – A team of parapsychologists try to figure out a strange phenomenon occurring in an apartment building. A found footage film that creates great tension and has some great jump scenes. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Red Lights – Psychologist Margaret Matheson and her assistant study paranormal activity, which leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic who has resurfaced years after his toughest critic mysteriously passed away. More on the thriller side than Horror but nonetheless it’s a very clever film that put in the wrong hands could’ve become a schlock Horror.

V/H/S – When a group of misfits is hired by an unknown third party to burglarize a desolate house and acquire a rare VHS tape, they discover more found footage than they bargained for. One of my top 3 films of the year and I’m really excited about the sequel.

Osombie – The story follows Dusty, a yoga instructor from Colorado, who is on a desperate rescue mission to save her crazy brother Derek, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced Osama bin Laden is still alive, despite having been buried at sea. In Afghanistan, Dusty falls in with a team of NATO special forces on a secret assignment. A great watch if you’re up for a laugh, plus a zombie Bin Laden, who doesn’t want to see that?!

Sleep Tight – You wake day after day to the comfort and security of your home. But how safe is it really? This Spanish Horror shows why European films are becoming more popular with Horror fans.

The Raven – When a madman begins committing horrific murders inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s works, a young Baltimore detective joins forces with Poe to stop him from making his stories a reality. A great film and possibly the best performance of John Cusack’s career so far.

When The Lights Went Out – Poltergeists attack a family in Yorkshire during the 1974 nationwide blackouts. A very well made British Horror that deserves more attention as it’s one of the best films in the cluttered paranormal genre.

The Divide – Survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their apartment building, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away at their dynamic. This film was a-lot more gruesome than I expected, definitely not for the queasy. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE.

Rabies – A brother and sister who run away from home find sanctuary in a deserted nature reserve. When the sister falls into the trap of a psychopathic killer, the brother sets out on a race against time to find help. This Israeli Horror is a very ambitious film that shows the middle east has a-lot of hidden potential.

The Awakening – In 1921, England is overwhelmed by the loss and grief of World War I. Hoax exposer Florence Cathcart visits a boarding school to explain sightings of a child ghost. A brilliant ghost story film, it’s a very well crafted film that you’ll enjoy if you’re into this sub-genre.

The Helpers – Seven friends on a road trip to Las Vegas break down near a rest-stop motel, where they encounter a seemingly helpful group of people. A very impactive film that is hard to watch, in a good way.

Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal – A once-famous painter rediscovers inspiration when he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal. A very entertaining Horror/comedy indie film.

The Lost Coast Tapes – After a Bigfoot Hunter claims to possess the body of a dead Sasquatch, a disgraced investigative journalist stakes his comeback, and the lives of his documentary film crew, on proving the find to be a hoax. As a Bigfoot fan I was really excited about release and it didn’t disappoint at all, if you’re a fan of Bigfoot then I recommend this.

The Zombie King – Samuel Peters once an ordinary man, dabbles within the laws of voodoo to bring his wife back from the grave. A great British indie film that shows there’s a-lot of untapped talent. I did a review for this film which can be read HERE

Smiley – After discovering an urban legend of a demented serial killer, who has nothing but a carved ‘smiley’ on his face, a mentally fragile teen must decide whether she is going insane, or will be the next victim. This is a great slasher for the internet age and it was a very interesting concept.

The Intruders – Two children living in different countries are visited nightly by a faceless being who wants to take possession of them. Clive Owen is a very consistent actor but he upped his game for this release, the story grips you from the get go.

Berberian Sound Studio – A sound engineer’s work for an Italian horror studio becomes a terrifying case of life imitating art. This low budget film blew me away, definitely a rare gem.

The Devil Inside – In Italy, a woman becomes involved in a series of unauthorized exorcisms during her mission to discover what happened to her mother, who allegedly murdered three people during her own exorcism. I’m a sucker for an exorcism film and found this very intriguing.

Inbred – Four young offenders and their workers spend a weekend in the remote Yorkshire village of Mortlake, which prides on keeping itself to itself. Another British Horror/Comedy that had me in stitches and grossed me out at the same time.

Hell – In the not too distant future, people struggle to survive their greatest enemy, the sun. A fantastic German post apocalyptic film that has you on the edge of your seat.

The Bay – Chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after an ecological disaster occurs. I love a good film about mutated animals and this film is easily one of the best in recent times

Vile – A group of friends stop to pick up a hitch-hiking woman only to end up getting drugged by her with a gas. This film is not for the weak stomached, the storyline is pretty clever and it has some very disturbing scenes.

The Collection – A man who escapes from the vicious grips of the serial killer known as “The Collector” is blackmailed to rescue an innocent girl from the killer’s booby-trapped warehouse. A cracking sequel to a great film.

Stitches – A clown comes back from the dead to haunt those who took his life during a fatal party mishap. Who doesn’t love a scary clown?! This release slipped under the radar but it deserves a bigger audience.

The Road – A 12 year old cold case is re-opened when three teens are missing in an old abandoned road where a gruesome murder is left undiscovered for three decades. a very eerie film that surpassed my expectations, if you love a good atmosphere film then this is up your alley.

Kill List – Nearly a year after a botched job, a hitman takes a new assignment with the promise of a big pay-off for three killings. A very grim, slow paced film that never bores, Imagine a sort of modern day “Wicker Man” styled film.

The Possession – A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl’s father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child. A good possession film that I found very entertaining.

Dead Season – When a worldwide viral outbreak leads to a plague of zombies scouring the earth for the living, two survivors flee the chaos of America to a remote island, hoping for a chance to start a new life. An overlooked zombie flick, a very solid independent film.

Sinister – A true-crime writer finds a cache of 8mm “snuff” films that suggest the murder he is currently researching is the work of a serial killer whose career dates back to the 1960s. A highly anticipated release that definitely lived up-to it’s hype, one of the best films of the year.

The Harsh Light Of Day – After witnessing his wife’s brutal murder, Daniel Shergold makes the ultimate sacrifice and accepts the help of a dark and mysterious stranger in order to reap vengeance on those responsible. A refreshing take on the vampire genre, upon watching it you’d never believe this was an indie film.

Decay – Trapped underground at the world’s largest particle accelerator, a group of students make a deadly discovery. A fantastic and free independent film.

In Their Skin – The Hughes cottage vacation is violently interrupted by a family on a murderous and identity stealing journey, in search of the “perfect” life. It may seem like a rip off of “Funny Games” but it still has a-lot of tension and amazing acting.

The Theatre Bizarre – Down a seedy city street in her neighbourhood, young Enola Penny is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned theatre. One night, she sees that the front door is slightly ajar and impulsively decides to sneak inside. A refreshing film to watch featuring segmented stories, featuring the awesome and creepy Udo Kier.

The Devil Seed – A returning college student moves in with her friends. After a night out she visits a psychic and things soon go wrong. A-lot of people hated this movie but I thought it was very well made and visually creepy.

Citadel – An agoraphobic father teams up with a renegade priest to save his daughter from the clutches of a gang of twisted feral children. This is a very dark and sinister film that is pimped full of suspense.

The Sleeper – It’s 1981 and the girls of Alpha Gamma Theta sorority are having a party. As the new pledges arrive, so does an uninvited guest. A great 80’s throwback slasher film, a brilliant watch if you love low budget 80’s films.

A Little Bit Zombie – Infected by a virus, a mild mannered manager attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains, all while trying to keep it together so as not to incur the wrath of his bridezilla-to-be. A highly entertaining Horror/comedy filled with zombies and blood.

Entity – In 1998, thirty four unidentified bodies were found in shallow graves in a remote Siberian forest. After subsequent investigations, no official explanation by the Russian authorities was ever offered about the circumstances of the deaths. The case was closed. A fantastic found footage film, definitely one to keep an eye out for.

A Cadaver Christmas – A dark force is at work in the cadaver lab this Christmas and this unconventional band of heroes are the only hope the world has against an army of living corpses that are quickly recruiting new members. A great festive Horror/comedy, both funny and gorey

Would You Rather – Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman agrees to compete in a deadly game of “Would You Rather,” hosted by a sadistic aristocrat. A very tense feature that deserves a bigger audience.

Cassadaga – A deaf girl attempts to contact her sister during a séance, only to connect with the ghost of a murdered woman. This is a diamond of an indie film and shows that there’s true talent out there.

6 Degrees Of Hell – Six individuals are caught up in a supernatural perfect storm, as an evil lays claim to one of them while threatening to tear apart the soul of a small Pennsylvania town. A film that had a-lot of promotion, I’ll never understand why as it was awful and is easily one of Corey Feldman’s worst films.

Detention – As a killer named Cinderhella stalks the student body at the high school in Grizzly Lake, a group of co-eds band together to survive while they’re all serving detention. I don’t know how to explain how much this movie bored me, it’s like it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be anded up a huge mess. The only way I can describe it is “The Breakfast Club” meets “Scream”

Cabin In The Woods – Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods. I know I’ll probably get a-lot of grief for putting this in the worst section but I truly thought this was terrible, especially the last half hour of the film.

Twixt – A writer with a declining career arrives in a small town as part of his book tour and gets caught up in a murder mystery involving a young girl. This film had so much potential but not even Val Kilmer’s amazing talent could save this film.

Monsters In The Woods – A micro-budget movie crew treks into the wilderness to shoot horror scenes for their unsellable indie-drama. They soon find themselves in the midst of their own real horror movie, as they are hunted by a large group of creatures. This sort of film has been done many times and much better than this latest offering.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines – A small West Virginia town is hosting the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where throngs of costumed party goers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. I’m a fan of the series but this entry was just awful and even Doug Bradley looked un-interested.

247°F – Four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend, the fun turns into a nightmare when 3 of them end up locked in a hot sauna. Every minute counts and every degree matters as they fight for their lives in the heat up to 247°F. – Another film that had a-lot of potential but just ended up being boring and very predictable.

Storage 24 – In London, a military plane crashes leaving its highly classified contents strewn across the city. Completely unaware that the city is in lock-down, a group of people become trapped inside a storage facility with a highly unwelcome guest. From the opening minutes you can tell your not going to be very impressed with this film, it gets worse as the film goes on.

The Day – A group of five people working to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic future discover what they think is a safe, abandoned farmhouse, but they soon find themselves fighting to stay alive. Nothing new here and was very boring, a-lot of potential wasted.

Greystone Park – In October 2009, the film-makers went into an abandoned psychiatric hospital to explore the ‘haunted’ institution, famous for its radical treatment of patients with mental illness. Electroshock, insulin therapy, and lobotomies were commonplace. Once inside, the film-makers quickly discovered that they were not alone; this story is based on their experiences. I love found footage films but even I found this film atrocious.

Amber Alert – When a group of friends decides to follow a car they’ve seen posted on an Amber Alert, things start to go very wrong. One of the most annoying films I’ve ever seen, isn’t helped by bad characters and a bad story.

Chernobyl Diaries – Six tourists hire an extreme tour guide who takes them to the abandoned city Pripyat, the former home to the workers of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. During their exploration, they soon discover they are not alone. This film had SO MUCH potential but it just ended up falling flat, a true shame.

The Innkeepers – During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel’s haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay. I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did, until the last 15 minutes and even then it was boringly predictable.

Airborne – As Britain is battered by a storm, one last plane takes off. Shortly after, the handful of passengers start disappearing one by one; those that remain frantically try to discover who – or what – is behind it before they share the same fate. Bad editing, bad plot… Just all round bad, I’ll never get that time back.

Grave Encounters 2 – A film student who is obsessed with the movie Grave Encounters sets out with his friends to visit the psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film. I LOVED the original and was very excited for this, it was a massive let-down and I found it highly laughable.

Parasitic – A group of friends become trapped inside a nightclub with an unseen terror. Unable to escape, one at a time they fall victim to the ravenous, bloodthirsty beast. There is no words to describe how bad this film was!

Box Of Shadows – A group of friends use an ancient coffin to experience the world as ghosts. A very interesting concept and had an old school feel to it, problem was it was very badly executed.

The Amityville Haunting – The Benson family move in to the infamous house where the DeFeo family were murdered in the 1970’s over 30 years earlier. Things start happening to anyone who visits this house, and whoever lives there. This film is basically “Paranormal Activity” set in the Amityville house, it was plain awful and un-interesting.

Dead Before Dawn 3D – A bunch of college kids accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka ZEMONS! This movie is what a horror movie would be like if Nickelodeon made horror movies, atrocious!

Paranormal Activity 4 – t has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighbourhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in. This franchise needs to stop, NOW!

Night Of The Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation – After inheriting the family mortuary, a pyrophobic mortician accidentally exposes hundreds of un-cremated bodies to toxic medical waste. As the corpses re-animate, the mortician’s inheritance-seeking younger brother unexpectantly shows up, stumbling upon a full zombie outbreak. Come on Jeffrey Combs, you’re better than this trash! Unfortunately even the great pairing of Jeffrey Combs and Andrew Divoff couldn’t save this film.

The Victim – A man lives alone in a remote cabin and is surprised by his visitors. I’m usually a big fan of Danielle Harris but this was easily one of her worst films, You’re better than this Danielle!

Prometheus – A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. Whilst visually stunning this films plot was very stale and the film was very over-hyped.

The Wicker Tree – Charmed by the residents of Tressock, Scotland, two young missionaries accept the invitation to participate in a local festival, fully unaware of the consequences of their decision. A mess of a film that could’ve been great.

The Apparition – A couple is haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment. Wow, this film was unbelievably boring, I mean REALLY boring, even the ending seemed like a last minute thought.

Creep Van – Campbell Jackson , a 20-something, out of work, out of options misfit in Detroit. Forced to take a dead-end position at a local car wash, Campbell sees a dilapidated 1970’s van for sale. Little does he know it is the Creep Van, which is busy terrorizing the people of Michigan. Instantly forgettable characters and terrible acting, even for an indy film this was bad.

Piranha 3DD – After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark. This film was like it was made by a bunch of horny teenagers, even the kill scenes couldn’t save this.

Area 407 – Survivors of an airplane crash find themselves within the borders of a government testing area and pursued by predators. The film was doing so well, until it decided to show the ‘monsters’, and it was killed with some of the worst CGI I’ve ever seen, it just ruined the tensity of the film and became laughable.

Donner Pass – Donner Pass has a well-known and macabre history – the place where George Donner and his party got stuck in the winter of 1846 and were forced to resort to cannibalism to keep from starving. But what if it wasn’t just history? Horrible characters and very annoying dialogue, very bad film.

Evidence – Ryan is making a documentary on his friend, Brett, about camping for the first time. However, once they begin camping, they discover that there is a mysterious figure that is hunting them. Ever watch a film where the ending ruined the entire film, that’s what happened with this.

Scary Or Die – Five interwoven horror stories that take place in and around the “City of Angels”. I love a good anthology movie but this has to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

[REC]³ Génesis – A couple’s wedding day turns into a horrific events as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness. Another franchise that needs to think about stopping, becoming same old, same old.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, discovers vampires are planning to take over the United States. He makes it his mission to eliminate them. Very little Horror and more action orientated, the book is much better.

No Tell Motel – Dirty little secrets are exposed when five friends become stranded at an abandoned motel haunted by a dark secret of its own. We’ve seen this type of film a million times and this adds nothing new to it, very predictable.

Silent Night – The police force of a remote Midwestern town search for a killer Santa Claus who is picking off citizens on Christmas Eve. Another remake that doesn’t even come close to the original .I did a review for this film which can be read HERE

The Oregonian – A woman leaves the farm and enters the unknown. A paper thin plot that just leads to a-lot of confusion.

Entrance – When Suziey mysteriously loses her beloved dog, a creeping anxiety begins to set in and she decides shes had enough of L.A. But on the night of her going-away party, Suziey finds out that leaving might not be so easy. Another film that had so much potential and a very interesting concept yet failed to deliver.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D – When her father disappears, Heather Mason is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood. the acting was atrocious and very shoddily edited, a huge let-down.

The Lost Episode – A local TV crew go to the abandoned Pennhurst Asylum to investigate the supposed paranormal activity that has allegedly been haunting the building for decades. One by one the crew are picked off in all manner of gruesome ways. How many films are being released with the mental asylum setting?! Even with that this has to be one of the worst.

Barricade – A father’s quiet retreat to the woods with his two children turns into a fight for survival. A film that will leave you scratching your head and feeling frustrated.

Thankskilling 3 – Fowl-mouthed villain Turkie carves through the likes of a rapping grandma, a mindless puppet, a wig-wearing inventor, a bisexual space worm, and their equally ridiculous friends on his quest to recover the last copy of “ThanksKilling 2”. I loved the first film, it was a one off and should’ve stayed that way, the joke is stretched too thin in this film.

The Pact – As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother’s death, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home. The plot is paper thin and tries to hard with the films twist which leaves huge plot holes.

Underworld: Awakening – When human forces discover the existence of the Vampire and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the battle against humankind. I like the “Underworld” series but this entry felt like a stepping stone film, setting us up for a bigger story, unfortunately this film was highly promoted which heightened expectations and left many fans very disappointed, including me.

Resident Evil: Retribution – Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead. The series stopped being Horror a long time ago and is now more about action, I don’t know why I keep watching them when they just keep disappointing.

The Experiment: Who’s Watching You? – Mary’s life is disintegrating, she’s on the verge of losing everything and desperately needs income to survive. Driven to extremes she responds to an add in the paper and embarks on a series of home based drug tests that go horribly wrong. This film bored me to death and it was hard to feel for our main character.

Gut – Family man Tom has seen something he can’t forget, a mysterious video with an ugly secret that soon spreads into his daily life and threatens to dismantle everything around him. The film takes too long to get started and even when it does it doesn’t do much.

The Tall Man – When her child goes missing, a mother looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children. The films trailer tricks you into thinking this is a Horror film, doesn’t help that it was advertised and promoted as one. I was tricked, it starts well then steadily goes down hill.

Cell Count – Russell Carpenter reluctantly admits his wife Sadie into an experimental treatment facility for her life threatening disease. While locked in this prison like surrounding they, along with 6 others, are unknowingly subjected to a cure that might just be worse than the disease itself. A promising movie with a great premise, yet it just never delivers.

12/12/12 – When baby Sebastian is born on 12/12/12 everyone around him starts to die. Soon, his mother realizes that her son is the spawn of Hell. A car wreck of a film, just truly awful.

Silent House – Trapped inside her family’s lakeside retreat, a young woman finds she is unable to contact the outside world as events become increasingly ominous in and around the house. The film-makers sacrificed content for style. I’ll never understand why Hollywood will keep remaking foreign films? Watch the original Spanish film instead, it’s much better.

The Frozen – After a harrowing snowmobile accident, a young couple is stranded in the woods and must survive while waiting for help to arrive. Bad plot, bad twist and all round bad film.

Playback – A cop investigates the case of a missing local teen, though he discovers a dark secret that has been unleashed in his town, and an evil spirit that will stop at nothing to find its heir. This one one big mess of a Horror film and so was Christian Slater’s performance.

Well there you have it, my best & worst films of 2012, you probably disagree with some or even most (this is MY opinion) and I know for a fact that I have missed some (I can’t watch ALL the films of 2012) but this is MY best & worst so tell me in the comment box below, what’s yours?

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