Has T.V. Overtaken Film?

A while ago I did a post about us living in a golden age of Horror T.V. shows (which can be read HERE). Well ever since I did that post it has stayed in my mind and so I decided it was maybe time to re-visit it and put more thought in-to it and after much consideration on the matter I came to a conclusion, TV has overtaken film.

With quality shows such as “American Horror Story”, “The Walking Dead”, “666 Park Avenue”, “Holliston” and many more on our screens, breaking records and gathering more popularity each week, films getting slated for lack of thought and originality it’s no surprise that T.V. shows are taking over.


Now TV does have many advantages over film, with episodes ranging around the 45 minute mark and several episodes per season it has a chance to stretch out multiple stories and leave cliffhangers every week with usually the biggest one being at the end of the season or the mid-season break, it’s a great way of making sure you’ll continue watching as we all know that curiosity will get the better of us.

If a film leaves on a cliff hanger we can end up waiting years for a sequel, that’s if one even gets made and even then it could be a prequel that doesn’t answer the questions you want answering. Or you can have it the other way where you get a run of films where the quality can get worse with each release and you find the story being lost in the process.

It’s not just the way it’s delivered to us, it’s also the characters and their stories as-well. With film you have one or two main characters and some background characters, with a T.V. series you can have many main characters and have more freedom with them and give even the background characters a big story. T.V. shows do have more freedom also in the sense that before filming a new series it can take in-to consideration the fans point of view and I’ve seen a-lot of that happen lately.

Now I do understand that there are big differences between the two formats such as budget, timing limits etc but for me it all comes down to the basics such as writing, acting and directing. You’d be amazed how many fan made shows I’ve seen that were don on zero budgets that have blown away multi-million movies just by focusing on these subjects. Even if the acting isn’t the greatest the dialogue can cover that. Heck, it’s even the same with Indy Horror films at the moment.


Whether you agree with this or not there’s no denying the current popularity with the darker side of your T.V. listings.

I’d love to hear all your opinions on this, so please leave your thoughts in the comment box below:

2 thoughts on “Has T.V. Overtaken Film?

  1. I think it's easier now to find excellent TV shows (like The Walking Dead, Dexter, etc.), maybe that wasn't the case a couple of decades ago. By the way, I have just posted in my blog some comments about movies you've already seen like \”Trailer Park of Terror\”:www.artbyarion.blogspot.com


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