Ten Years On: Freddy VS Jason


Not too long ago I re-watched this film when I had a sudden realisation, it’s coming up-to the tenth anniversary of it’s release.

Officially the anniversary is in August but I wanted to write this whilst it was still fresh in my mind.


In 1993 Horror fans were given one of the biggest teases in Horror history, at the end of “Jason Goes To Hell” we saw Freddy Kreuger’s glove reach out from the ground and drag Jason’s mask as if to show us that Voorhees was joining him in hell. For a decade there were countless rumours as to what the film would entail, what would the story be and the most discussed of them all, in “Freddy VS Json”, who would win?!

Unfortunately there was a bump in the road before any scene had been shot, news had emerged that Kane Hodder would not be playing Jason Voorhees. In my opinion this was a huge mistake, fans (including myself) wanted to see Robert Englund VS Kane Hodder more than the actual characters themselves. This caused outrage amongst die hard fans and I know people who still refuse to watch it because of this decision.

When the film was finally released it didn’t exactly get rave reviews, from critics to fans there seemed to be a huge sigh of disappointment. Maybe it was built up to much, I’ve seen it happen countless times where hype can destroy a film. Everybody had there reasons but ultimately it didn’t exactly set the Horror genre alight.

The main discussion was the ending of the film, there were many endings wrote for the film and the thing that annoys me is that they went for the safe one. The ending I’d love to have seen was the one featuring ‘Pinhead’, not only would it have been amazing to see but it could have left room for discussion and would have had shock value. The problem was that New Line didn’t like the idea because they didn’t like the fact that they’d have to buy the rights to use the character, and they thought , and I quote – “Pinhead was too low rent”. Personally I thought that ‘Pinhead’ fitted in well with the mythology of both characters.

The film did carry on in comic book form with the addition of ‘Ash’ from the “Evil Dead” series, this was made after it was the rumoured sequel to the film, it never happened (obviously) but after reading the two releases I wish it had as it was an amazingly well done story and would be so easy to merge on to screen, hell I’d even settle for an animated version.

The big, BIG let down of the film for me (apart from Kane Hodder being dropped) was the fact that Freddy has only one kill in the entire thing, Jason has the rest. As savage as Jason is it would have been great to see Freddy go on a rampage once he got his powers back but it never happened.

In my opinion “Freddy VS Jason” was a let-down but I am curious to see if we’ll ever have any more Horror mash-ups in the future. I’d love to know which two characters you’d like to see face off against one another, be sure to post yours in the comment box below.

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