Horror Review: Trick Or Treat (1986)

Sammi Curr was a famous, devil-worshipping rock star who died under mysterious circumstances. Now he wants to come back to life.

Rock and Horror go together so well, always has and always will. But it’s only when done right that it works on film.

When I think of the 80’s I think of 2 things, amazing Horror and amazing music. It was the height of Glam Rock and Slasher films so it only makes sense that the two were put together on film.
We also get appearances from 2 big stars of the 80’s, Gene Simmons of KISS and the Prince Of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. I have to say I couldn’t stop laughing at Ozzy’s role damning rock music.
The plot of the film maybe basic but it plays out so well, no it’s nothing original, it’s the usual high school loser who does something wrong and is paying for it but that certainly doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. Plus at just over 90 minutes long it doesn’t drag on either.
Over the years this film has gained cult status and rightly so, it’s full of humour, suspense and kick ass rock n’ roll. The entire cast do a decent job and grab your attention without boring you, if only ‘Sammi Curr’ was real…..

“Trick Or Treat” is a fun film, just be sure to switch your brain off and enjoy.

If you want to see the “Trick Or Treat” trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

All songs in the movie are written by the band “Fastway” which consisted of former Motorhead Guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke, and current “Flogging Molly” vocalist Dave King.

Marc Price starred as geeky Erwin ‘Skippy’ Handleman on the popular 80’s comedy sitcom Family Ties.

Cult movie company Anchorbay were all set to release a special 20th Anniversary Edition DVD of ‘Trick or Treat’ in 2006, but cancelled it when they encountered problems with the film’s music licensing.

Eddie’s best friend Roger is played by Glen Morgan, his only acting stint. Morgan later went on to be a prolific writer/producer for The X-Files, Final Destination, and Final Destination 3, as well as direct the Black Christmas remake.

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