Exclusive Interview With The Cast And Director Of "The Mirror Game"

“The Mirror Game” is a new, kid friendly, scary movie from film-maker Jason Hawkins and the Gravestone Entertainment team. Best described as the Scooby Gang meets HP Lovecraft, The Mirror Game follows a group of kids who find an urban legend’s curse is terrifyingly true, and all the people playing the aforementioned urban legend, may, in fact, be opening a portal through which Boggaroth, one of the Great Old Ones from Lovecraft’s stories, is preparing to come through.

Twisting together elements from classic Lovecraft tales, and a love of the Scooby Doo/Goonies type genre, “The Mirror Game” takes the audience on a journey through space and time as the kids set out to save the world. The kids call themselves ‘The Game Changers’, and are comprised of 7 kids who all happened to be born on the same day, at the same time…

The young stars are (in alphabetical order)

  • Jayden Alliser in the role of James ‘2Quick’ Swan
  • Dietrich Burmester in the role of Nolan ‘Loki’ Rose
  • Parker Eggiman in the role of Justin ‘iJustin’ May
  • Carter Jon in the role of Tucker ‘Sticky Fingers’ Finch
  • Kaitlyn Marie in the role of Brooklyn ‘Siren’ Rogers
  • Truman Mooney in the role of Oscar ‘Google’ McCray
  • Jade Swim in the role of Calissa ‘Bones’ Calahan.
I scored an exclusive interview with the kid stars, and film-maker Jason Hawkins.

Our first question: Alright kids- Who are you and do you like the character you play?

JAYDEN: I’m James and yes I love my character because he is just like me and he does almost everything I would do; and I like how he stands up to the bullies in defence of his friends.

DIETRICH: My name is Dietrich and I play the role of ‘Nolan’ the prankster and trickster. I like Nolan because he’s a lot like me.

PARKER: My character is named ‘iJustin’ because he is always checking his iPhone. I am like him in real life. The alternate reality mirror scenes for me were so interesting to film because they were such different characters. I got to try on different personalities that I never portrayed before. I also liked being part of a school age kid’s gang because it was a natural role for me to play and they got into so much trouble!

CARTER: I am ‘Tucker Sticky Fingers’ and I like my character because it is a very challenging role and an interesting character. ‘Sticky’ is the youngest in the group, just like me, Carter Jon!

KAITLYN: My name is Kaitlyn Marie, and my character name is ‘Brooklyn K. Rogers’. I love playing ‘Brooklyn’. 

TRUMAN: I am ‘Google’, and if he was real, he would be my best friend. We are almost the same person.

JADE: My name is Jade Swim — my character is ‘Calissa Bones’ Callahan (aka Cali). ‘Cali’ is the strong and tough female character of the group, the guardian and defender of her friends. I really love my character, ‘Cali’ is rough and tumble and never backs down from a confrontation!

Awesome! Second question: Did you have fun working with director Jason Hawkins on “The Mirror Game”?

JAYDEN: Yes, it was one of the most fun experiences I have had in, well, forever. This was my first feature film, and now I’m totally hooked on acting. I’ve totally got the film bug.

DIETRICH: Yes, it was so much fun.

PARKER: It was so much fun because I got to meet some great new actors. We all bonded as a group of kids and have a great time when we are together! Our director, Jason, was really cool and every time we looked at the script we couldn’t wait to film the new scenes. He gave us a great opportunity to take part in this film.

CARTER: “The Mirror Game” was a really fun experience, because everyone was so talented and fun to be around! The director was a really good director to work with! The experience I will remember for a long long time!

KAITLYN: Yes, I had a ton of fun.

TRUMAN: Heck yes

JADE: Of course! It’s my first on camera experience, and it has been a fantastic experience. Everyone has been so understanding and helpful in making my character come to life.

And now question three: What was your favourite bit of making this film?

JADE: My favourite part is getting to to show my Taekwondo skills during the fight scenes; besides It’s a lot easier to act with your body than remembering lines!

TRUMAN: Really getting into the mind of the character, and making organic connections with other actors.

KAITLYN: My favourite part of the film was being able to film in different areas of Portland and the “The Bully Scene” where Nolan sprayed the smelly stuff!

CARTER: So far my favourite thing would have to be my character, getting bullied and knocked down and having my friends come and save me!

PARKER: It was the battle scene with the cultists when they tried to kidnap ‘The Game Changers’. The stage combat was fun to do and we were running around screaming for several takes right before we jumped into the mirror. It was also crazy going into the mirror and coming out on the other side! I also liked the Liquid Ass scene because everyone was so terrified of the smell.

DIETRICH: My favourite part was making new friends through my favourite thing: acting! I loved how everyone was so nice. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone on the recess scene.

JAYDEN: Doing the fight scenes and the stunts, and all the liquid butt jokes – everybody was gagging, and running away; it was so gross and fun at the same time.

And now, a few questions for the director, Jason Hawkins:

First: What was your inspiration behind “The Mirror Game”?

JASON: I’ve always been a fan of the Lovecraft Mythos, and of course shows like Scooby Doo and Goonies! We work with a lot of youth actors in workshops and stuff, and I kept hearing how there weren’t that many great roles for kids, and there are so many cool, talented kids in our area. So, the company decided to do something PG rated, that would both allow these kids an opportunity to shine in a genre I love. The rest, is history!

Question two: What can we expect to see from the film?

JASON: Good question! You can expect to see a group of kids having a great time working to solve a mystery that happens to involve a few good scares! The Lovecraft Cultists in this film are actually quite creepy, and we got some great actors to portray them. There are some stunt fight sequences, some good jokes, and a great cast. Overall though, you should expect to just have some fun and be entertained.

Question three: Sequel?

JASON: No comment 😉

Ok, last one: What are you and Gravestone Entertainment working on next?

JASON: We actually have several projects on our plate right now. We just finished shooting “The Girl in the Rain”, based on the short story by Kerry Cohen, which is a very creepy little ghost story. We have a really fun, intense, action-thriller coming up called “The 9th Templar”, and two projects in development with some producers out of LA. We’re staying busy, putting together our company, and growing more every day with projects. Thanks for asking!


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