Horror Review: Little Monsters (1989)

A boy discovers an incredible and gruesome world of monsters under his bed.

Now before any of you start thinking – “Raz, why are you reviewing a kids film?!”. Please give me a chance to explain.

When I was a child I loved creepy things, anything out of the ordinary intrigued me. The problem was, that I was admittedly a bit of a wimp when it came to films and that had to change quickly. I got this film on VHS as a birthday present, I was ecstatic about it as it was the sort of thing I was into. I didn’t watch it straight away though, I had to build up and prepare myself for it, but once I did things changed very quickly.
The film frightened me so much that I couldn’t sleep and when I did I had terrible nightmares, I already had an extreme phobia that there was something lurking under my bed, it was that bad that I used to leap into bed so nothing could grab me at arms length. This film did nothing to diminish this fear, if anything it heightened it.

Years later I wanted to re-watch it but was scared it would take away the terrifying memory I had of it, when I finally got the guts to re-watch it (I hadn’t seen it since that one time) I found that I had a nervous excitement as the film started and was transported to my childhood, I swear that I could hear the whirring of the VHS player.

For the next 100 minutes I was transported through fantasy and Horror, I found myself enthralled in the film, hell I don’t even remember blinking. This time around it wasn’t scary, it was fun, entertaining and visually great to watch. The fear factor may have gone after all these years but I will admit that I had second thoughts as I approached my bed that night….

“Little Monsters” is a fun film for all the family, yes there are some scenes you couldn’t get away with these days but for a child Horror film it does it’s job.

If you want to see the “Little Monsters” trailer then just click on the video below:

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

Because of a fire that destroyed costumes and props for the film, filming was pushed back two weeks.
The film was originally set to be distributed by Vestron and a trailer was even created by Vestron that was advertised on some of their VHS releases, but due to Vestron’s financial difficulties at the time, the film was sold to United Artists, although Vestron did retain some foreign rights to the film.
Daniel Stern, who plays Glen Stevenson (the father of Fred Savage’s Brian Stevenson), was the man responsible for the voice-over narration on The Wonder Years (1988), in which Savage starred.

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