Atmosfear – The Horror Board Game

‘Atmosfear’…. Do you remember it?
When I was packing up my house to move I voyaged into the deep dark corner in the cupboard under my stairs and stumbled upon a blast from the past. When I saw my collection I suddenly had memories of my youth flashing through my mind of the many fun hours me and my friends had staying up late and freaking ourselves out, then as we got older it was still as fun just this time with alcohol included. 

For those of you who may not remember it, ‘Atmosfear’ was a Horror VHS board game where the object of the games is to collect six different coloured Keystones in one hour and beat the host aka ‘The Gatekeeper’. But it wasn’t easy as throughout the game he would pop up to shout at you and give players instructions and more. 

The game had very macabre character such as Elizabeth Bathory,  Baron Samedi, Anne De Chantraine and more. You’re game piece was also a Gravestone and you went round a graveyard trying to beat your friends and the host. There were also other things involved during the game and it was a-lot more fun than it sounds here.

Board games are not a big deal these days but back in the 90’s there where many hit games and ‘Atmosfear’ was one one of them. I don’t remember many other Horror board games, especially here in the UK but ‘Atmosfear’ is one that a-lot of people remember fondly, sparking a glint in their eyes when you remind them of it. 

The game evolved and expanded over the years with add on packs and and later a DVD game, these other releases where based on the games characters and were harder to play as the expansions went on. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a release since 2006’s ‘Khufu The Mummy’ due to declining sales, there was also talk of a possibility of there being a movie based on the characters but that again didn’t happen due to it’s dip in popularity.

I decided to keep my ‘Atmosfear’ collection, even if it is just for nostalgic reasons. What I’d love to see though is a new generation having the chance to play these sorts of games, there’s nothing like it these days.

Check out the intro from ‘Atmosfear’ in the video below:

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