Ten Years On: SAW

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “SAW”. 

It’s hard to imagine the Horror genre without the “SAW” films or where the name James Wan meant nothing, but before this release that was the case.

“SAW” had a massive impact due to it’s very clever promotional work and also good old fashioned word of mouth, I will be the first to admit I got caught up in it all and was desperate to see the film. The way people were talking about this film had me seriously excited that Horror was making a big comeback.
I remember walking out of the cinema with my jaw dragging on the floor, the film had surpassed my expectations and had instantly become one of my favourites, I went back to watch it 2 more times with different people and never got bored of watching their reactions.
I also remember hoping that they would release merchandise of the ‘Jigsaw’ doll, I was fascinated by it and was so happy that they did. I knew straight away that there would be a sequel, the film had caused too much buzz around it and the ending left it wide open for it to happen.
For the next six years we got six more releases usually around Halloween time, people often write the sequels off but I love each and every one of  them as it wraps around a great story. It also helped re-launch the careers of Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith which was a great thing to see.
Ten years on and you can definitely see the impact “SAW” has had on the genre and also the influence it had on many other film-makers of the time. 

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