Horror Review: Circus Of Horrors – London After Midnight (2014)

The story will twist and turn as 5 murders are committed in various London landmarks, each one becoming more and more horrific.

Before this review gets underway I plead with you to be patient with me as this is my first review ever of a stage show but I will still try my best for you all.

This week I had the ultimate privilege of having front row centre seat to one of the most crazy shows on earth, the “Circus Of Horrors”. I had a little idea of what I was in for but even those expectations were blown away.
Celebrating a staggering 18 years, ‘Dok Haze” and his team perform some mind boggling, cringe worthy and death defying acts, from sword swallowing, balancing acts, hair hangers, ariel acts, contortionists and so much more.
With a perfect mixture of rock, Horror, shock and theatre and at 2 hours long you most definitely get value for your money. I, like many others that night, walked out of the theatre astounded, amazed and dazed with what I had just witnessed. They were mutterings amongst the leaving crowd of “Did you see…” and “I can’t believe…” and admittedly I was one of them.
The live band, “Dr Haze & The Interceptors From Hell”, where outstanding and my ears are still ringing from the creep-tastic rock they brought us and if all that doesn’t grab your attention then maybe this will, it’s not very often you can say you saw a midget lift up a cannonball with his penis! 

“Circus Of Horrors” is not for the squeamish but if you have the guts to go then I plead with you: GO AND WATCH IT!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!! 

To see the trailer for “Circus Of Horrors – London After Midnight” then just click on the video below: 
Visit the “Circus Of Horrors” webite HERE

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