What Modern Horror Is Lacking

As much as I love this genre, there is definitely something lacking.

Just re-read that quote in the picture above, it says it all doesn’t it.

The thing I truly miss in modern Horror is a gripping, intelligent, well played out story, a good script is a good script, it’s as simple as that. I’ve seen Horror’s that cost little money to make upto millions and either way it doesn’t matter, if the scripts good it makes it a good film. 
Remember you’re essentially watching someone’s work come to life on screen, badly acted or not if it’s a story that can grab your attention and pull you into it’s world then it’s done it’s job. There’s more to it than acting of-course, you’ve got the director, editors etc who all make do their part to deliver a fantastic product.

In today’s Horror genre I find that the main focus is more of a visual experience, now don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good visual film but if the script is weak and the story is thin then it’s all for nothing. To me it’s no wonder we hold our classic Horrors so close to our hearts, it’s because it was all about the tale that was being told and that was the main focus driving the film.

I feel that this is the main thing that modern Horror is severely lacking, there have been some fantastic story driven films with amazing scripts but if we’re honest they are few and far between. Maybe that’s what makes us appreciate them more but I know that if I’m craving a fantastic story I delve back into the past.

Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, I don’t know. But I stand by what I’ve said and I’d love it if we could have more fantastic scripts instead of great visuals, or even better why not both?! 

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