An Interview With "Megafoot" Creator Rolfe Kanefsky

I got the privilege to interview “Megafoot” creator Rolfe Kanefsky, here’s that interview!

Q1: Bigfoot seems to be popular once again, why do you think that is?


People are always fascinated by the unknown. And a cool monster based on Urban Legends, “Sightings”, etc…always make for cool “What if” stories. Plus, you know what they say about guys with big feet. So, that probably piques the female interest as well.
Q2: Are you worried about all the other Bigfoot films being released at the same time, there’s a-lot of competition?


Not really. The best always rising to the top. And ours is an action horror movie which I believe is different from many of the others. This is not a “slow burn” movie. MEGAFOOT is out there and means business right from the beginning. As our storyboard sequence shows.
Q3: What was your inspiration behind the film?


Producers with a cool idea. They told me “We want to make a movie called MEGAFOOT” about a half-cyborg, half-bigfoot, all terror horror movie where the army is sent in to the woods to capture and/or kill him and all hell breaks loose.  That was my starting point. I took the job as a writer and wanted to make this a real practical effects hard “R” gory thrill ride. They liked my take and here we are!
Q4: You’ve put the movie in the fans hands by going down the fan-funding route, was that a hard decision to make?


That wasn’t our original choice. We almost made the film late last year overseas but I felt that we were rushing too fast and didn’t believe we would have everything over there that we needed. Not going that route meant we had to come up with another source for funding. So, we pitched the project during the AFM (American Film Market) in California and got a good response but they (production companies) wanted to see our MEGAFOOT in the flesh. We had just received the artwork so around Thanksgiving I posted it on my facebook page and it went viral. Soon, all the websites and horror fans were talking about our poster. That’s what gave us the incentive to start an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough money to build MEGAFOOT with practical effects and shoot the opening scene. So, we could take that as our reel back to the production companies and say “See? This is what we’re making. Who’s on board to make the coolest Bigfoot movie ever?!”


Q5: There’s a-lot of split opinions on the fan funding route, what’s your opinions of them? 


I don’t mind the idea because it is so hard to find money nowadays. If fans want to see and movie and are willing to pay for it ahead of production to help get it made, then why not? I’ve always liked the idea of people working together to get something done. When the bigger Hollywood guys got on board, I was sad because the studios try to take over everything and kill the little guys. That’s what happened to Sundance and many of the theater chains. It’s very, very hard for a independent to survive in this environment. Only the public can change this and demand to see other kinds of films so I’m all for this kind of support system.


Q6: Have you got anything exciting lined up after “Megafoot”?


I am good at multi-tasking. Currently, I am writing a “Lifetime”-type thriller to be shot in Canada, may be directing a family dog adventure story called “Indiana Bones”, and have four finished features that I wrote coming out the next couple of months including a Western starring Tom Berenger and a fairy tale horror story called “ABADDON”.
I have a bunch of cool horror/thrillers that I’d love to do. I just sold a script entitled IN THE WEB to a producer. It’s kind of a gallo murder mystery thriller that I may direct. And I have a cool project called JUST LISTEN that’s kind of “Repulsion” meets “Rear Window”.  And hopefully in my future will be HORROR WORLD, a great love letter to the genre taking place in a horror themed amusement park and NEVERMORE, my Poe-inspired horror thriller.


Q7: What’s your views on the current state of the Horror genre?


James Wan rocks!  But he is moving to action now. There are some cool indies being made. I’m looking forward to OCCULUS. I think Mike Flanagan is talented. I was also recently impressed with “AFFLICTED” the found footage horror outing from Canada. But I recently went to HOLLYWOOD HORRORFEST and watched “THE HOWLING” and the reunion of “RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD”. Really makes you miss the great fun horror films of the 80’s where they really did everything from transformations to blood effects. I think CGI is way, way overused. It’s so much cooler when you can capture it in the camera. That is one of the main reasons we really want to make MEGAFOOT. There are very, very few good Bigfoot movies and we just really want to see something like this again.
Q8: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?


Footsteps?  Bigfoot? I get it. Funny.  Seriously, you don’t have to have big feet to make a Bigfoot movie but have a vision. All filmmakers must have a passion and desire to tell a story. Try to stay true to your story and believe in yourself. Also, network. The more people you know, the better your chances. Have to be out-going and aggressive. It’s not just going to come to you.  And always finish what you start. A director is responsible for the success or failure of a project. To take on that responsibility, producers and money people have to trust you. So, all it takes is hard work, dedication, total obsession, luck (“good luck with that”) and talent. It probably won’t happen overnight but the more you do, the better you get. It’s a never-ending learning process.
Q9: Any final words for anyone reading this?


Check out MEGAFOOT’s Indiegogo campaign, facebook page, twitter account, and support cool independent horror so we can keep making movies not watered-down or PC crazy Hollywood fare.
MEGAFOOT should be MEGA-FUN and it’s Bigger than Big!

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