Horror Review: Doc Of The Dead (2014)

The definitive zombie culture documentary
There’s no doubting that zombies are huge, and I mean HUGE! This documentary takes a look at why and how.
Bruce Campbell, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Simon Pegg, Tom Savini, George A. Romero. These are just some of the iconic people who feature in this documentary and every single one of them has something intriguing to say. 
Zombies have eaten their way into the hearts of millions and have ensured their place in pop culture with everything from films and TV shows to teddies key chains. It’s curious as to why this subject has become so big and the answers create even more questions.
The movie is a fresh perspective on a, if we’re honest, saturated genre. It’s a-lot of fun to see such Horror legends argue about what the fans do, such as “Fast Zombies VS Slow Zombies” and to hear the stories from the people who were there at the start of it all.
My only problem is I’d wish they’d also mentioned some of the foreign zombie films as they have also had their impact, such films as “Zombi 2” to “Dead Snow” have all played their own part in the rise of the zombie popularity and it’s a shame to see them omitted. 
“Doc Of The Dead” is a must see for any zombie fan, it’s the most up to date and fact filled documentary on the genre.
If you want to see the “Doc Of The Dead” trailer then just click on the video below:

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