2014 – The Year Of Bigfoot

Bigfoot is making a comeback to the big screen.

“Willow Creek”, “Megafoot”, “Bigfoot Wars”, “Hunting The Legend”. These are just some of the Bigfoot orientated Horrors being released this year.

Bigfoot’s popularity seems to be bigger than ever, If the legend isn’t being talked about on television shows it’s being brought to the big screen or even in comics and books and more.

The infamous creature is in more demand than ever and I must admit that I’m loving the fact that audiences are clamouring for a part of the beast.

But the question really is, why? Why is Bigfoot in such high demand all of a sudden? I mean, \I know there have been a few Horror films released over the last few years that are themed on the creature, maybe that’s helped build it up to now.

My thought is that it’s just his time, trends go round in circles and now it’s Bigfoot’s turn. There’s been a rise in monster movies over the last year and this more than likely contributed to it.

2014 certainly seems to be ‘The Year Of Bigfoot’, and who knows it could run into 2015 as-well. I for one am not complaining though.

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