The Lost Art Of Narration

Remember a time when a voice would talk about what you where about to watch or what was going on?

If you cant think about what I’m talking about then here’s a video that’s a perfect example of exactly what I’m on about, don’t worry I’ll wait…

I miss times like this when you’d watch a film and this happened, it set the tone for what you were about to watch, the above video from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is perfection. The tone of the voice, the slow pace, the harsy yellow writing on a gritty black background, it’s just perfect for what you were about to watch.

You can go back further when this sort of thing was more common, my favourite being the “Frankenstein” intro. It was short but to the point and had a mix of humor to it, yet still managed to creep you out all at the same time. Once again a perfect example of it being done correctly, just watch the video and see for yourself.

My other best example is the one and only “Crypt Keeper”, he would introduce you to a story, talk about what was going on during the story and round it all up at the end whilst cracking jokes, even as bad as they were it was part of it’s charm and that won you over. can you imagine the show without that voice talking us through it?!

Other shows such as “The Twilight Zone” and “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” also used this formula and had tremendous success, it something that I would welcome back with open arms and would love to see it used more in feature films once again.

This seems to be a lost art these days, you rarely see it anymore but I do hope it makes a return, it’s definitely more than due a comeback. 

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