31 Days Of Horror: Day 7 – Primeval (2007)

A news team is sent to Burundi to capture and bring home a legendary 25-foot crocodile.

A film about a killer croc, what’s not to love?

Now this film isn’t your traditional Horror flick, it’s more a Horror in the sense of many man eating animal films in that the Horror lies in nature.
This film is in the same realm with the likes of “Lake Placid” and “Rogue”, it follows the same formula and even though it’s nothing original it’s still entertaining.
The cast maybe clichéd but fun, especially Orlando Jones who had me in stitches throughout the film, Dominic Purcell always plays a good tough guy and Jürgen Prochnow always puts in a great performance.
My problem is that when the crocodile does appear it looks okay in short long shots but on close and prolonged shots it’s easy to tell it’s been done with awful CGI.
“Primeval” is an enjoyable film but not one you’d watch more than a couple of times, a good sunday afternoon film.
If you want to see the “Primeval” trailer then just click on the video below:

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