31 Days Of Horror: Day 21 – Carry On Screaming! (1966)

The sinister Dr Watt has an evil scheme going.

Horror spoofs aren’t usually my thing but there’s been the odd exception. 

Fans of the “Carry On” franchise will know what to expect when watching the films but if you aren’t aware then you’re in for a right old slap-your-knee fun film, this feature is 99% comedy with Hammer Horror elements.
The movies plot is highly similar to the classic horror film House Of Wax (1953) and you can easily spot the influences that feature in the film.
I’ve always liked to describe it as a Hammer Horror comedy because in essence that’s what it truly is, that is truly the best way I can describe this to someone who hasn’t seen it. Plus it features the trademark “Carry On” innuendos which are always a laugh.
The cast is fantastic as expected with Kenneth Williams as funny as always but for me the star of the film is Fenella Fielding, she oozes sex appeal and puts in a great performance to boot.
“Carry On Screaming!” is a British classic and a personal favourite, be sure to get it watched! 
If you want to see the “Carry On Screaming!” trailer then just click on the video below:
Miscellaneous facts about the film:
Harry H. Corbett replaced Sidney James. Due to illness James had to pull out of the movie and so Corbett was drafted in to replace him. Despite this, his character name Sidney Bung, was kept. Sidney James’ characters on TV and film were very often also called Sid, his real life nick-name.
In the original script, Doctor Watt was the father of Valeria. When Kenneth Williams wanted to play the part closer to his own age, the relationship was changed to that of brother and sister.
Joan Sims and Angela Douglas had to visit the Pinewood Plastering Department in order that a plaster cast could be taken of their whole body. This was in order for the dummy scenes in the film.
It is likely that the character name Doctor Watt was a play on the BBC character Doctor Who, who was huge in the UK at that time. Doctor Watt actually says “Who is my uncle or was, I haven’t seen him for years I don’t know what happened to him”. Ironically, Jon Pertwee, who plays Doctor Fettle in the movie, later went on to become the third Doctor Who a few years later.
As a merchandising gimmick for the movie at some theaters one could purchase rubberized toy monsters called “Kreepy Kwivers” for the cost of 12/6.
Charles Hawtrey replaced Sydney Bromley in the role of Dan Dann. Apparently, this was an eleventh hour casting choice made at the request of the film’s American distributors.
Sergeant Bung’s car is a 1904 Brushmobile. The company was based in Loughborough in Leicestershire, England and only six of these cars were made. The taxi used by Bung’s wife is a 1906 Renault.
Whenever Bung is using his car the soundtrack plays a variation of “Johnny Todd”, the theme to the TV series Z Cars (1962) which featured the latest car-based police of the 1960s. When Bung rides on the horse and cart the tune “Old Ned” is used, the theme to Steptoe and Son (1962) which also starred Harry H. Corbett.
Although a vocal version of the theme sung by Boz Burrell was released as a single in the UK, many people believed the uncredited singer of the theme song was Jim Dale. However it was actually performed in the movie by Ray Pilgrim, the popular session singer, well known for his work for the Woolworths-owned Embassy label.
Jewellery was bought from London for Fenella Fielding to match her now iconic red dress. Fenella Fielding had to buy her own ring for the role, however, which cost £9.
The one and only ever “Carry On” movie starring actor-comedian Harry H. Corbett.
Twelfth “Carry On” movie in the British comedy film franchise series.
The name of the gigantic mansion was the “Bide-a-Wee Rest Home”.
The name of the forestry woodlands district was “Hocombe Woods”.
This “Carry On” movie featured such series regulars as Jim Dale, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Bresslaw, and Peter Butterworth.
Final “Carry On” film to be made and released by the British company Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors. The Rank Organisation took over the production and distribution of the movies after this picture.
Debut film as an actor, albeit uncredited, and only voice work, for “Carry On” series director Gerald Thomas, who performed the voice of Oddbod Junior. Thomas would later provide the voice for the Mynah Bird about nine years later in Carry on Behind (1975), his second and final acting role, also uncredited.
Some of the film’s literal English language translations of its foreign language titles were “Frankenstein Junior” (Greece), “With Pointed Teeth” (South America), “Alarm in a Creepy Castle” (Germany) and “Between the Crazy Monsters” (Turkey).

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