What’s In Your Crate? – My 4 Must Have Items For The Zombie Apocalypse

Being in this line of work you get some crazy e-mails…

Not to long ago I received an e-mail from Man Crates challenging me to do a write up on 4 items I’d like in a crate for the zombie apocalypse. At first I’d thought it’d be a great laugh, a bit of fun and was thinking of all the cool things I could use, then it got serious.

I found myself pondering on different objects and eliminating them as I went through the list I had in my head, it took over my thoughts and I then spent hours writing down and crossing out certain items.

I will admit it was a ton of fun to do and I’d like to thank Man Crates for asking me to do it, but not for the head ache it gave me!

So here we go:
Item #1 – Journal

I think a journal would be a great addition as it would be a good way to document the ongoing chaos that surrounds you and to a great way to keep up with dates and even bits of research.

It would be a great item to have especially if you’re a loner, it gives you a companion of some sorts and is a great way to keep a record of your inevitable diminishing mental state.

Item #2 – Machete

You’re going to need a weapon, there’s no doubting that. I went through so many weapons before picking the machete, I wanted a Chainsaw but it’d need refilling with petrol and is very loud. I wanted a gun but ammo would be a big problem (guns aren’t as available in the UK as the USA) and again the noise factor.

I picked the Machete as it’s easy to carry, it’s quiet and very effective. The only problem would be it would blunt over time but it would be easy to re-sharpen, plus I could walk around the woods pretending to be Jason Voorhees.

Item #3 – Sanitizer

It’s going to get messy people, real messy. Messy means germs and lots of them and in a world where there’s rotting corpses walking the streets you’re going to need to be extra careful, just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean you have to be unclean.

Sanitizer is going to be you’re best bet, it’s compact and you only need to use a small amount, plus with it being everywhere these days you could easily replenish your supplies. 

Item #4 – Bicycle

Transport is going to be needed to get from place to place, especially if you need a quick getaway. There are different modes of transport but a car’s to bulky and requires petrol, motorbikes are more narrow but again require petrol. Even more crucial, it wouldn’t fit in a crate.

For this reason I chose a bicycle, it might not be as quick as a car or a motorbike but it’s still quicker than walking and is also easy to hide away plus it’s silent and will always make sure you pack light and it would fit in a crate, wouldn’t it?!

Well that’s my 4 items, so let me ask you….

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