My Best & Worst Films Of 2014

In this list I’m going to give you a run-down of my best & worst of 2014.

To see the trailers for these films just click on the film name, I’d also like to point out they are in no particular favourite order, So here we go:

The Afflicted – Two best friends see their trip of a lifetime take a dark turn when one of them is struck by a mysterious affliction. 
Wolfcop – As a series of strange and violent events start happening, an alcoholic policeman realizes that he has been turned into a werewolf as part of a larger plan, so he investigates with the help of his partner and his friend.
The Sacrament – A news team trails a man as he travels to an undisclosed location to find his missing sister.
Housebound – Kylie Bucknell is forced to return to the house she grew up in when the court places her on home detention, her punishment is made all the more unbearable by the fact she has to live there with her mother Miriam.
FPS: First Person Shooter – Your pregnant wife Linda has been captured by a ruthless scientist, who created a devastating virus. To rescue her, you have to fight through the old rotten experimental clinic, armed to the teeth, one level after another right through the dark, decayed guts of this evil complex. Unfortunately you don’t have much time, at dawn, the whole area will be eradicated.
13 Sins – A cryptic phone call sets off a dangerous game of risks for Elliot, a down-on-his luck salesman. The game promises increasing rewards for completing 13 tasks, each more sinister than the last.
The Last Showing – A couple trapped in a cinema are manipulated into becoming unwilling actors in a film being captured by CCTV cameras.
Stalled – A janitor gets trapped in a women’s restroom and encounters an all-out attack by a horde of zombies.
Animal – When plans for a weekend vacation hit a dead end, a group of close-knit friends find themselves stranded in unfamiliar territory, pursued by a menacing, blood thirsty predator. 
Event 15 – Three soldiers get trapped in an elevator when terrorists set off a dirty bomb.
Wolf Creek 2 – The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-hunter Mick Taylor.
Honeymoon – A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of their first night.
The Den – A young woman studying the habits of webcam chat users from the apparent safety of her apartment witnesses a brutal murder online and is quickly immersed in a nightmare in which she and her loved ones are targeted for the same grisly fate as the first victim.
Lucky Bastard – A shy young man wins a contest to have sex with a famous porn star on an adult website. 
The Purge: Anarchy – Three groups of people are trying to survive Purge Night, when their stories intertwine and are left stranded in The Purge try to survive the chaos and violence that occurs.
Witching And Bitching  A gang of escaping jewellery thieves get trapped by a coven of witches.
Open Windows – A jilted fan soon finds himself pulled into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse after he accepts the opportunity to spy on his favorite actress via his laptop.
Killer Legends – Delving into our collective nightmares, this horror-documentary investigates the origins of our most terrifying urban legends and the true stories that may have inspired them.
The Babadook – A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead – Martin hasn’t had the best vacation. He accidentally killed his girlfriend with an axe. He cut his own arm off with a chainsaw. And his friends STILL got devoured by a battalion of Nazi Zombies. 
Buck Wild – A hunting vacation goes horribly awry for 4 friends after they accidentally shoot the lease’s land owner.
Found – A horror-obsessed boy discovers his older brother is a serial killer.
Septic Man – A sewage worker gets trapped inside a septic tank during a water contamination crisis and undergoes a hideous transformation. 
Come Back To Me – Sarah & Josh are married suburbanites. After a car accident, Sarah suffers blackouts & ends up pregnant though Josh is sterile. As her life spirals she hides a camera in her home & unlocks a horrific secret with far-reaching consequences.
The Borderlands – Follows a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.
The Houses October Built – Beneath the fake blood and cheap masks of countless haunted house attractions across the country, there are whispers of truly terrifying alternatives. Looking to find an authentic, blood-curdling good fright for Halloween, five friends set off on a road trip in an RV to track down these underground Haunts.
Antisocial – Five university friends gather at a house party to ring in the New Year. Unbeknownst to them, an epidemic has erupted outside, causing outbreaks around the world.
Doc Of The Dead – The definitive zombie culture documentary.
Snowpiercer – A post-apocalyptic ice age forces humanity’s last survivors aboard a globe-spanning supertrain.
The Possession Of Michael King – Michael King doesn’t believe in God or the Devil. Following the sudden death of his wife, Michael decides to make his next film about the search for the existence of the supernatural, making himself the center of the experiment.
Beneath – A crew of coal miners becomes trapped 600 feet below ground after a disastrous collapse.
Deliver Us From Evil – New York police officer Ralph Sarchie investigates a series of crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest, schooled in the rites of exorcism, to combat the possessions that are terrorizing their city.
After School Massacre – After being fired, a high school educator goes on a killing spree, stalking his former female students at their slumber party.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse – The television reporter Ángela is rescued from the building and taken to an oil tanker to be examined. However, it is unbeknown to the soldiers that she carries the seed of the mysterious demonic virus.

See No Evil 2 – A group of friends pays a late-night visit to the city morgue to surprise their friend on her birthday.
Devil’s Due – After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy.
Axeman At Cutters Creek – Nine vacationing twenty-somethings are hunted by an axe-wielding local legend.
Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero –  When a group of friends enjoying a bachelor cruise in the Caribbean stumble upon a research facility on a remote island, a deadly virus is unleashed. The group must find a way to survive before the flesh eating virus consumes them all.
Exists – A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.
Ju-on: The Beginning of the End – A school teacher visits the home of a boy who’s been absent from school for a long period of time, unaware of the horrific tragedy which occurred in the boy’s household many years ago.
Delivery: The Beast Within – A young couple agree to document their first pregnancy for a family-oriented reality show. 
Open Grave – A man wakes up in the wilderness, in a pit full of dead bodies, with no memory and must determine if the murderer is one of the strangers who rescued him, or if he himself is the killer.
Willow Creek – A couple head into the forests of the Pacific Northwest seeking Sasquatch and get more than they bargained for.
The Returned – In a post-zombie world, where the infected live normal lives, their retroviral drug is running out.
Shock Value – Struggling ‘B’ movie Director blackmails a serial killer to be the star of his next film.
Cheap Thrills – A scheming couple put a struggling family man and his old friend through a series of increasingly twisted dares over the course of an evening at a local bar.
The Quiet Ones – A university professor and a team of students conduct an experiment on a young woman, uncovering terrifyingly dark, unexpected forces in the process.
Rigor Mortis – A public housing tenement is plunged into a dark storm of supernatural chaos.
What We Do In The Shadows – Follow the lives of Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav, three flatmates who are just trying to get by and overcome life’s obstacles-like being immortal vampires who must feast on human blood. 
The Taking Of Deborah Logan – What is taking Deborah Logan? Some memories are worth forgetting.
Camp Dread – A has-been horror director gathers a group of troubled young adults together at an old summer camp to film a reality show called Dead.TV in hopes of reviving his career. 
Nurse 3D – By day, Abby Russell is a dedicated nurse, but by night, she lures cheating men to their brutal deaths and exposes them for who they really are.
Blood Glacier – Scientists working in the Austrian Alps discover that a glacier is leaking a liquid that appears to be affecting local wildlife.
A Good Marriage – After 25 years of a good marriage, what will Darcy do once she discovers her husband’s sinister secret?
Hunting The Legend – In 2008, a deer hunter was taken by something in the Alabama woods. Only his rifle, blood and a 16″ footprint were left behind… Five years later, his son seeks revenge.
Asmodexia – Five days in the lives of an exorcist and his granddaughter, working in the Barcelona area.
Gingerclown 3D – To impress the girl of his dreams, Sam enters an old amusement park, where torturous monsters roam the grounds.
White Settlers – It’s Ed and Sarah’s first night at their new home – an isolated farmhouse on the Scottish borders. 

Tusk – When podcaster Wallace Bryton goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious seafarer named Howard Howe, his best friend Teddy and girlfriend Allison team with an ex-cop to look for him.

Horns – In the aftermath of his girlfriend’s mysterious death, a young man awakens to find strange horns sprouting from his temples.
Another – A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil’s kin.
Starry Eyes – A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.
The Caretaker – As a wave of vampirism sweeps the world, a small but discordant group hole up in a country mansion in Victoria, Australia.

Alien Abduction – A vacationing family encounters an alien threat in this thriller based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina.

V/H/S: Viral – Follows fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.

7500 – Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean during its ten-hour course, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin.

Kingdom Come – A group of strangers wake up in an abandoned hospital to find themselves stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions.

Haunt – An introvert teen befriends his new neighbor, and together the couple begin to explore the haunted house that his family has just purchased.

Bigfoot Wars – A small town becomes the focal point of a brutal clash between man and a legendary beast.

Sx_Tape – Jill’s an artist. Ian’s a filmmaker. And their love life is off the chain.

Mercy – A single mom and her two boys help take care of their grandmother with mystical powers.

Daylight – A team of Child Protective Services workers investigate a series of bizarre child abuse cases in the small town of Daylight, IN.

Zombeavers – A fun weekend turns into madness and horror for a bunch of groupies looking for fun in a beaver infested swamp.

Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies – Famous Wrestlers are pitted against hordes of undead when they unknowingly walk into a death trap.

I, Frankenstein – Frankenstein’s creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.

The Devil’s Hand – When young girls start to go missing within a religious cult, older followers fear a long-told prophecy while the younger members suspect abusive elders are killing them off.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort – A sudden and mysterious inheritance brings Danny and his friends to Hobb Springs, a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills.

Eat – Novella McClure is like most struggling actresses in Los Angeles: she’s in her early 30s, her fake name sounded cooler ten years ago, and she hasn’t landed a role in three years.

Raised By Wolves – When a group of friends come across an abandoned house in the barren desert, what follows is a terrifying tale of evil possession causing the friends to slowly turn against each other.

A Haunted House 2 – Having exorcised the demons of his ex, Malcolm is starting fresh with his new girlfriend and her two children. After moving into their dream home, however, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events.

Zombie Isle – A group of college students and their professor ventured onto an uninhabited island for a day of exploring flora, fauna and co-ed fun.

Jinn – Shawn, an automotive designer, enjoys an idyllic life with his new wife Jasmine until it is interrupted by a cryptic message. 

Blood Widow – A couple buy a house near an abandoned boarding school but have no idea that their presence disturbs the lone survivor of a massacre.

The Remaining – Friends gather at a wedding, but the celebration is shattered by terrifying apocalyptic events.


Mr. Jones – A young couple moves to the woods and soon finds their nightmares and reality colliding.

Infliction – In 2011, two brothers documented their murder spree in North Carolina. 

All Cheerleaders Die – A rebel girl signs up a group of cheerleaders to help her take down the captain of their high school football team, but a supernatural turn of events thrusts the girls into a different battle.

Wer – A defense attorney begins to suspect that there might be more to her client, who is charged with the murders of a vacationing family, than meets the eye.

The Pact II – A woman who is plagued by nightmares involving a serial killer learns her dreams have a horrifying connection to the real world.

Nymph – Two young American women go on a Mediterranean vacation and uncover the watery lair of a killer mermaid hidden beneath an abandoned military fortress. What was once a carefree adventure becomes a deadly fight for survival.

Life After Beth – A young man’s recently deceased girlfriend mysteriously returns from the dead, but he slowly realizes she is not the way he remembered her.

Proxy – The life of three parents who have all shared the loss of a child. Motives are not what they seem and sanity is in short supply in this thriller.

Under The Skin – A mysterious woman seduces lonely men in the evening hours in Scotland. Events lead her to begin a process of self-discovery.
The ABCs Of Death 2 – Another 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty.

Stage Fright – A snobby musical theater camp is terrorized by a blood-thirsty killer who hates musical theater.
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – Jesse begins experiencing a number of disturbing and un-explainable things after the death of his neighbour. 
Dracula Untold – As his kingdom is being threatened by the Turks, young prince Vlad Tepes must become a monster feared by his own people in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the families of his kingdom.

At The Devil’s Door – When ambitious young real estate agent Leigh is asked to sell a house with a checkered past, she crosses paths with a disturbed girl whom she learns is the runaway daughter of the couple selling the property.
Cam2Cam – An American tourist in Bangkok encounters a mysterious group of web performers harboring a terrible secret.

Sadako 2 3D – Fuko Ando is a 24-years-old graduate student in psychology. She is tasked to take care of her 4-year-old niece. Soon, mysterious events occur around her niece. She then learns of an incident involving a cursed video that took place 5 years earlier. Fuko Ando finds herself involved with the cursed video.
Treehouse – A teenage boy discovers the perpetrators of several brutal kidnappings in his home town.

Extraterrestrial – A group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods find themselves terrorized by alien visitors.

Ghost of Goodnight Lane – When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house.

Deadly Weekend – Two young couples take one last trip to the country before moving to different cities. Unfortunately, when secrets come out and jealously takes a toll the weekend takes an unexpected and deadly turn for the worst.

Almost Human – Mark Fisher disappeared from his home in a brilliant flash of blue light almost two years ago. His friend Seth Hampton was the last to see him alive.
Children Of Sorrow – A young woman embeds herself in a cult looking for answers to her sister’s disappearance, only to find a dark secret within the cult and an even darker secret within herself.
Jessabelle – Returning to her childhood home in Louisiana to recuperate from a horrific car accident, Jessabelle comes face to face with a long-tormented spirit that has been seeking her return, and has no intention of letting her escape.

Late Phases – A wounded war vet moves to a place where people are dying from mysterious circumstances.
Day Of The Mummy – In hope of getting his hands on the famed diamond known as the Codix Stone, Jack Wells joins a group of archaeologists out to explore a newly discovered tomb in Egypt, that of the cursed king Neferu.
The Town That Dreaded Sundown – 65 years after a masked serial killer terrorized the small town of Texarkana, the so-called ‘moonlight murders’ begin again. Is it a copycat or something even more sinister? A lonely high school girl, with dark secrets of her own, may be the key to catching him.
Dead Of The Nite – When a group of ghost hunters investigate the infamous Jericho Manor, they soon realise it’s not just ghosts that go bump in the night.
Leprechaun: Origins – Two young couples backpacking through Ireland discover that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.
Ouija –  A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.
Dead Within – Six months after the outbreak, a man and woman have survived by isolating themselves in a remote cabin. 
The Mirror – Three intrepid flatmates who purchase the supposedly haunted antique on eBay and set up round the clock cameras in the hopes of capturing evidence of something going bump in the night.
Don’t Blink – Ten people arrive at a secluded mountain resort to find it completely deserted. With no gas for the return trip, the visitors are forced to stay and investigate the mystery surrounding the abandoned lodge.
Oculus – A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.
The Drownsman – After almost drowning in a lake, Madison finds herself bound to a life of fear. 
Scarecrow – For generations, it was an urban legend that lived in the nightmares of children. Now, the season to rejuvenate the tale will revive a town’s darkest fears. 
Jakes Road – A young man awakens in a hospital bruised and beaten. He struggles to piece together the events flooding through his mind.
Extraterrestrial – A group of friends on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods find themselves terrorized by alien visitors.

The Damned – After a family is involved in an accident, they take refuge in a secluded inn where they free a girl locked in a basement without knowing she’s an ancient evil spirit.
Mockingbird – A couple are given a camera and a set of instructions which they must follow or else someone will die.

Slaughter Daughter – A former beauty queen plots the death of her overbearing mother with the help of her pen-pal, a serial killer on death row.

The Appearing – A woman once possessed by a mysterious entity uncovers a shocking secret about her past and must face the demon that dwells inside of her.

Unidentified – During a wild weekend in Las Vegas, four young friends get into trouble with a loan shark and must skip town in a hurry.

Theatre Of Fear – The Moreau Family travel around the UK putting on an underground variety show for an adult audience. But behind the curtain there is something more sinister going on than simple entertainment.

Joy Ride 3 – A group of hotheaded street racers are on their way to the Road Rally 1000. As they drive through a desolate shortcut on the way to the race, a man starts tracking, teasing and torturing them until the end of the road.

Well there you have it, my best & worst films of 2014, you probably disagree with some or even most (this is MY opinion) of my choices and I know for a fact that I have missed some (I can’t watch ALL the films of 2014) but this is MY best & worst so tell me in the comment box below, what’s yours?

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