Twisted Twins Release Statement On "The ABCs of Death 2" Situation

The German Voluntary Self Regulation of the Movie Industry (FSK) has lead to the decision of banning various episodes from “The ABCs of Death 2”.

Having done the same for the first part of the anthology before, distributor Capelight felt forced to release an incomplete version due to (understandable) commercial reasons. Among the missing episodes will be the Twisted Twins’ “T is for Torture Porn”.

Jen and Sylvia Soska released the following statement:

“We love our fans in Germany and have always received a lot of support from them. Despite the harsh censorship laws, Germans love horror and we think they deserve to choose for themselves what they find appropriate and inappropriate to watch.

We are saddened to hear the decision of the censorship board this morning as we think they’ve overlooked the message behind our short film segment, “T is for Torture Porn”. It’s a commentary about the objectification of women. It’s a shame to remove a film by two of the only women to direct a segment in the series especially as you see our anti-heroine in the segment rising up and doing the killing and maiming against her attackers.

We’re sad to see “C is for Capital Punishment” and “D is for Deloused” also removed. They’re being punished for too realistically depicting horrific scenes. If the tone makes the viewer uncomfortable, good. We feel good art should make the viewer feel something. We love “ABCs Of Death” 
because this anthology has always given creative freedom to the directors involved.”

What’s your thoughts on the situation?

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