Sign Petition To Help Save The Iconic "Dawn Of The Dead" Bridge

A small footbridge in the Monroeville Mall is at the center of a nationwide effort by zombie fans to preserve a piece of cinema history.

The mall where the original “Dawn Of The Dead” was filmed still stands in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, and is a popular tourist attraction for horror fans. But it’s undergone several changes in the last few years, shedding many of its iconic aspects with the passage of time.

One of the last remaining “Dawn Of The Dead” landmarks in the Monroeville Mall is a wooden bridge that runs over a small pond. Fans of the film will instantly recognize and remember the bridge, as it was prominently featured in George Romero’s classic zombie flick.

Unfortunately, a demolition company has been tasked with both removing the bridge from the mall and destroying it, leading proactive fans Kate Davis and Lawrence DeVincentz to start a petition urging them to preserve it as a piece of film history.


“As the situation currently stands, the removal is already set in motion,” they wrote. “If the bridge is demolished, it will then become property of the demolition company. It may be re-purposed or simply tossed out. If we can garner enough signatures, we would like to house the bridge in a facility where fans can continue to visit it for years to come. Kevin Kriess has agreed to make it a permanent part of The Living Dead Museum in Evans City, PA. Our goal is for the demolition company to take it apart with care and turn it over to the Living Dead Museum to be reassembled.”

If you support the cause and don’t want to see the bridge demolished, head over to the Save The Dawn Of The Dead Bridge Petition (HEREto add your signature.

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