Black & White Horror – Bring It Back!

I’ve alway had a love of black and white Horror, but recently I’ve been having a recurring thought. What would modern Horror films look like in black and white?

I know I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this.

I first started thinking about this a few months ago whilst having a mini marathon of Horrors and was in the middle of “The Mist” when I suddenly thought – “This film would be so effective in black and white”.
That thought has stuck with me since then and now everytime I see a film it creeps back in there and doesn’t go away until the credits start rolling and even then I can carry on thinking about it.
Black and white Horror seems to have more tension to it and you’re forced to focus more on what’s on screen, it’s hard to explain but it can just make a film more entertaining.
It could also bring back the art of great storytelling that seems to have been lost over the years and that’s no bad thing, who doesn’t love a good story driven Horror flick?
I personally would love to see a resurgence of black and white Horror films, I don’t mean the old films gaining popularity once again (although there are a-lot of greats that deserve more recognition), I mean that I’d like to see new Horrors filmed this way, just imagine it, modern black and white Horror films. Doesn’t that sound great?!
We need to try and get more people on board with this, there must be some fans out there. A great place to start would be independent film-makers, studios are taking note of what the independent scene are doing and it could get pushed into mainstream.
So come on film-makers, let’s get this done! And if any studios are reading this… DO IT!

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