Horror Review: Life Is Cheap (2016)

A look at the life of Britain’s most depraved family and their council house of horrors!

What was the last film that truly grossed you out? Have a real good think about this question…

Have you got your answer? Well forget it because there’s one thing I can guarantee you, this filth fuelled gross out film will top whatever that was.
If you’re not a fan of exploitation films then turn away now, seriously I mean it, because this flick will burn images into your brain that will completely traumatise you.
Talking of Troma (yes I tried a lead in) this film is obviously inspired by the company and shows it off proudly, and so it should, it’s no shock especially when you learn that Director Kurt Dirt has done composition work for the company.
Watching the film was like seeing a blast from the grimy, smutty, mucky past, like I’d found a long forgotten video nasty and in all honesty… I absolutely loved every dirty second of it.
“Life Is Cheap” is not for the weak hearted or those with a gag reflex, you have been warned!
If you want to see the “Life Is Cheap” trailer then just click on the video below:

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