Horror Review: Pasaje Del Terror

Pasaje Del Terror is an interactive walk-through horror attraction.
On my recent holiday I had the privilege of going through one of the most famous interactive Horror experiences, the Pasaje Del Terror.

I must admit that this wasn’t my first time, my first time was many years ago when I was a teenager and I was absolutely petrified, in another word, I loved it!

Over the years I heard bad things about the place, it just wasn’t the amazing and scary experience that it once was and that interest had waned on both sides.

Luckily it seems to have undergone a rejuvenation and thankfully for us it seems the passion for scaring people is back on the agenda for the company.

My walk through happened to be with a group of girls who were extremely excited and also extremely nervous. It was so much fun walking through with them as they screamed and ran through the maze of horror characters.
I admittedly had my own moment as I was confronted with Michael Myers stood in front of me and then all of a sudden he was behind me with a knife, it gave me goosebumps. I won’t give anymore away incase it ruins the surprise.

The Pasaje Del Terror I visited was in Blackpool, England. There are many other locations worldwide, I highly recommend you treat yourself if you have the chance.

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