A Look Back At "Siberia"

16 reality-show participants descend on Tunguska unknowing of the land’s mysterious past.

Back in 2013 I saw a trailer for a reality show, or what I thought to be a reality show, that looked quite interesting to watch. I quickly discovered there was more to this than was shown and I found myself hooked.

Each week I was excited to see what would happen next and watching the characters mentality and morals being tested as things progressed, it really did make for exciting viewing.

The show had some seriously great writing and fed you answers slowly and kept the anticipation for reveals high, high enough to peak your curiosity.

The characters were also well written and portrayed brilliantly by the actors who played them, sure some of them are a little one dimensional but once you watch it you realise that this was done on purpose to help the story.

It takes a lot to grab my attention like this show did, especially when it’s set in a reality show style format as this isn’t usually something I watch, but this was definitely an exception.

I won’t spoil it for anyone but there were some great twists in the story and the first series ended on such a huge cliffhanger that it still gets me going now, it was such a shock and I’m a hard person to shock.

Unfortunately they never made anymore and here we are 3 years later and still no conclusion to the fantastic story that I invested so much time into and that so many people worked really hard to bring to us.

Unfortunately NBC didn’t feel the same way and we never got a second series, which it fully deserved. Plus the fans have merited a proper ending after devoting their time to the show and investing in the story.

Now there has been many rumours in the last 3 years, such as Netflix picking up the show, the creators themselves even said they’re still trying to get the show back on the air.

I think it’s time to say we will never get a proper ending and it’s time to move on, despite how ever much we want it.

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