Horror Review: Heir (2016)

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, Gordon and his young son Paul, embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge a secret passion.

I absolutely love Horror shorts, so when I was asked to review this one I jumped at the chance!

I’d heard of this short a while back, it’s been getting quite a bit of publicity getting with a lot of high praise and I can tell you that it’s very much deserved. No wonder Horror fans have been clamouring to see it.
One thing I’d really like to talk about is the amazing cinematography that was featured here, it is visually stunning to watch and I’m glad it was something that was focused on, it’s amazing how many filmmakers don’t.

The casting was perfect, unsurprisingly Bill Oberst Jr. plays the role of a very creepy character a role he always plays so well. We also have Robert Nolan as the father, this guy really does deserve more recognition.

This story driven short is so captivating, it flows with a grace you rarely see in such a short time. Writer and Director Robert Powell delivers another incredibly impressive and deep short, be sure to keep an eye out for his work.

“Heir” is evidence that short films can pack a punch in a limited time, it’s features like this that keep their reputation growing and growing.
If you want to see the “Heir” trailer then just click on the video below:

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