Horror In 2016

Well, 2016 you’ve been one hell of a year.

I mean that literally as 2016 truly has been hell.
Let’s be brutally honest here, 2016 hasn’t exactly been a landmark year for Horror. The news on Horror films has been clogged up with news of upcoming and rumoured remakes and quite frankly there’s been a lack of originality.
There have been some good stuff but they have been few and far between, even then nothing has really been a big standout. Interesting viewing, sure, but nothing has been released that was a game changer.
I think the big thing for me this year was the release of “Phantasm: Ravager”, after waiting so many years and with my hopes slowly dwindling away I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was for this film.
The fact that it was filmed in secret and no word got through about it, in this day and age that’s a bloody miracle! It was a real surprise for fans, it was great to finally have an end to the series.
Another shocker was again a secret release, “Blair Witch” was a film that surprised and shocked fans worldwide release. Again, how that was kept secret is a miracle, I’d love it if that happened more.
My main problem this year is that there hasn’t been a big standout film, I seriously can’t think of one. There has been some highly entertaining features that I really enjoyed but nothing that was exactly a future classic.
It’s admittedly been a mediocre year, which as much as it irritates me, is better than another bad year. Maybe my expectations are a bit too high and I’m thinking about it way too much but I want better.
What I have been thinking about a lot lately is what will be the trend in 2017 and looking at future listings at what releases are upcoming for next year doesn’t exactly fill me with hope.

Whilst there are one or two films I have my eye on for next year but 2017’s trend seems to be remakes,reboots, spin offs and sequels. Nothing new there at all but we can expect this to carry on for some time.

With Universal doing a reboot on their Monster series with the first release being a new “Mummy” film starring Tom Cruise (personally I thought the film looked awful in the trailer), it’ll be no surprise to see others follow suit.

Horror in 2016 has been the year of “It’s watchable”, blunt but honest. What’s your thoughts on Horror in 2016?

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