Horror Review: Serial Killer Culture TV (2017)

Serial Killer Culture TV is an episodic TV show which features intimate interviews with those involved in the serial killer culture community.

As soon as this was announced I was dying to see it and luckily for me I got the chance to review it! If only you could see the smile on my face.

Welcome to the dark world of Serial Killer Culture, which admittedly is not for everyone. It’s a very divisive subject (which is touched upon) but there’s no denying the substantial amount of intrigue this sparks in a lot of people, me included, and the many discussions and debates it can start amongst people.

Exploring this culture may seem a scary thought to some but this release does it all for you and you get to view it from the safety from your own home, and what viewing it makes! I found myself glued to the screen throughout the entire thing, the amass of information is amazing and so enlightening.

With it being broken down into Six highly informative twenty minute episodes it makes for easy viewing. Each episode takes on a different subject, from John Wayne Gacy’s brain in a jar (yes, really) to¬†serial killer artwork and collections and much more, the series touches on many subjects that strike curiosity and intrigue each time.
Creator John Borowski has given us something amazing here, he’s seen a gap in the market and seized up on it and thankfully for us viewers it has been so well done that it leaves you craving for more, seriously I’ve watched it twice in three days now. So John, when is Season 2 coming out? Enquiring minds need to know!
“Serial Killer Culture TV” is a must see! Trust me on this.
If you want to see the “Serial Killer Culture TV” trailer then just click on the video below:
You can buy your region free copy HERE

You can also view on Amazon HERE

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