I Bleed Indie – The Independent VOD Platform

Horror news website The Blood Shed has launched a VOD platform which focuses solely on the promotion of indie and international horror.

IBleedIndie.com is a VOD ppv rental website listing indie horror features and shorts from around the world!

I just want to say how great of an idea this is and I’m glad to see someone stand up for the independent film makers out there. The only other company I’m aware of that does this is Troma so they’re in good company.

The service is home to domestic and foreign features and shorts. Features rent for $2.00, featurettes for $1.00, and shorts for $.50 with 90% of revenue going directly to the filmmakers. I think we can all agree that this deal works in everyone’s favour.

I Bleed Indie has already acquired over 100 feature films for the service, with more on the way. so be sure to go check it out!

Head on over to the IBleedIndie website HERE

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