Ten Years On: Black Water

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “Black Water”.

I’ve always had a soft spot for killer animal films, so when this film came out you know I just had to watch it.
I have to admit that this is not a film for everyone, yes it’s a film about a killer croc but it’s not the gorefest you may imagine it to be. This disappoints a lot of viewers, but not me, I loved it.

The feature is so simplistic in it’s structure that it truly is a stripped down, bare bones kind of film, this added with the fact that it’s a slow burning story turned quite a few viewers off of it which is a shame.

Directors David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki actually used a real crocodile and used minimal CGI, I’ve always loved this fact as I hate bad CGI ruining what could be a great film. This realism really adds to the films high suspense and intensity.
This is a film I tend to watch about once a year, I find it so refreshing to watch and it’s also evidence that you can have a feature that can slow the pace down and still have an entertaining film that inspires fear.

Ten years on and “Black Water” looks like it was released yesterday, it deserves so much more recognition and I highly recommend you watch it.

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