Horror Review: The Mad Magician (1954)

A master magician murders his greedy employer, who legally owns every trick he can invent, and finds himself having to kill again.

Who doesn’t love a Vincent Price feature?!

Black and white Horror films are something that draw me, I wish I could put into words why but even with the dark premises they feature I find them relaxing to watch. It also helps when it features one of cinemas all time greatest and easily recognisable voices.

Sure these old films are more mystery, thriller or suspense films than pure Horror but they helped build upon a great foundation and it’s great to see where the influence for later films came from, it’s easy to spot and this feature is certainly one of them.

The film is filled with great dialogue that is delivered in only a way Price could do, also the story itself is a brilliant one and has a way of making you feel somewhat involved in what’s going on, this is down to some great writing, directing and some fantastic cinematography.

Between the amazing set pieces, fantastic performances and everything involved this film is a pure joy to watch. It has style that you only get with this period of films, it’s something you realise we seemed to have lost over time and it’s a shame really.

“The Mad Magician” is an underrated piece and deserves more recognition, a must see for any Vincent Price fan.

If you want to see “The Mad Magician” trailer then just click on the video below:

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