What Your Horrorscope Says About You

Have you ever wondered if you share a star sign with a serial killer or someone who’s just pure evil?

Also have you ever wondered if your star sign has anything to do with those dark thoughts you have? Well then read on and wonder no more!

Notable Figures: David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Kenneth Bianchi,  Richard Chase, John Collins, Peter Kurten, Leonard Lake, Danny Rolling, Arthur Shawcross, Peter Sutcliffe, Wayne Williams, Robert Lee Yates.
Notable Figures: Gary Ridgway,  Kim Jong Il, Jerry Brudos, Robert Hansen, Derrick Todd Lee, Joel Rifkin.
Notable Figures: John Haigh, Myra Hindley, Benito Mussolini, Elizabeth Bathory, Anthony Sowell.
Notable Figures: Charles Manson, Katherine Knight, Alton Coleman, Nannie Doss, Belle Gunness, William Heirens, Carl Eugene Watts.
Notable Figures: Aileen Wuornos, Ottis Toole, Dennis Rader, Dorothea Puente, Douglas Clark, Osama Bin Laden, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Donald Henry Gaskins, Randy Steven Kraft, Raymond Fernandez, Christopher Wilder.
Notable Figures: Lee Harvey Oswald, Andrei Chikatilo, Angelo Buono, Jr., Gerald Gallego, Patrick Kearney, Bobby Joe Long.
Notable Figures: Ed Gein, Rodney Alcala, Richard Angelo, Ivan the Terrible, Paul Bernardo, Richard Biegenwald, Albert DeSalvo, Harrison Graham, Henry Lee Lucas, Gerald Stano, Marybeth Tinning.

Notable Figures: Harold Shipman, Joe Ball, William Bonin, Charles Ng, Vincent Johnson, Dean Corll, Ian Brady.

Notable Figures: Wayne  Boden, Joseph Franklin, Adolf Hitler, Robert Durst, Paul John Knowles, Donald Harvey, Donald Harvey, Keith Jespersen, Paul Knowles, Herbert Mullin, Charles Sobhraj,  Christopher Wilder.

Notable Figures: Ted Bundy, Joseph Stalin, Pablo Escobar, Alton Coleman, Richard Cottingham, Carlton Gary, Edmund Kemper, Dennis Nilsen.

Notable Figures: Albert Fish, H. H.  Holmes, Amy Archer-Gilligan, Martha Beck, David Miscavige, Saddam Hussein, Earle Nelson.

Notable Figures: Gary Heidnik, Jodi Arias, Genene Jones, OJ Simpson, John Reginald Christie, Carl Panzram.
So who do you share a star sign with? Let us know in the comments below.

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