Can You Solve The Puzzle?

Can you solve this online Horror game?

So at the recent San Diego Comic Con there were reported to be some strange QR codes that when scanned took you to a very strange and creepy online Horror game, an ARG (alternate reality game).
I have a feeling this is a marketing scheme for an upcoming film but I could be wrong but one things for sure is it’s making a buzz online with people trying to figure out what the hell is going on and how to get through it.

In all honesty I’m terrible at these sort of things and whilst I have attempted it I didn’t really get anywhere. I thought that some of you might enjoy this as it is very Horror orientated and is certainly creepy.

I’m curious to see if any of you can complete it and if you need an incentive then there is apparently a ‘prize’. Te instructions you are given are:

1. I offer a GREAT PRIZE at the end of this maze. Some solutions 2 my riddles R obvious. Others R made 2 B difficult. Seeing U discouraged makes me LAUGH. 

2. NO SPOILERS. Anyone who participates N my maze, must play alone. If U search for help or share answers, I WILL FIND U IN UR SLEEP AND MAKE U PAY!

3. ‘.html’ indicates a clue needed 2 advance 2 the next level. Do NOT put .html @ the end of the URL web address, or U will b LOST!

4. Outside knowledge may B required 2 beat a level… U can use ur favorite search engine 2 help u.

If you dare…
Find me in the dark.

So to check out what this is all about click this link first HERE and then if you still want to give it a go click HERE

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