My Top Ten Jack Ketchum Books

Unfortunately on the 24th January 2018 the Horror genre lost another one of it’s greats.

Sadly he lost his battle with cancer but fortunately for us he left behind a great legacy. So to celebrate his great career his great career I’d thought I’d share a list of my top ten Jack Ketchum books.

So here it is, my list of my top ten Jack Ketchum books (the list is not in a favouritism order):
Off Season
A beautiful New York editor retreats to a lonely cabin on a hill in the quiet Maine beach town of Dead River – off season – awaiting her sister and friends. Nearby, a savage human family with a taste for flesh lurks in the darkening woods, watching, waiting for the moon to rise and night to fall.
The local sheriff of Dead River, Maine, thought he had killed them off ten years ago – a primitive, cave-dwelling tribe of cannibalistic savages. But somehow the clan survived. To breed. To hunt. To kill and eat. And now the peaceful residents of this isolated town are fighting for their live.
The Woman
The Woman is the last survivor of a feral tribe of cannibals who have terrorized the east coast from Maine into Canada. Badly wounded in a battle with police, she takes refuge in a cave overlooking the sea. Christopher Cleek is a slick, amoral, and unstable country lawyer who sees her and decides to capture her, tame her and maker her his own.
The Girl Next Door
A teenage girl is held captive and brutally tortured by neighbourhood children. Based on a true story, this shocking novel reveals the depravity of which we are all capable.
Ladies’ Night
Tom Braun is sitting in his neighborhood bar. His wife and his boy are at home in their apartment just a few blocks away. He’s had yet another fight with her and is looking to steady his nerves and drown his sorrows and maybe – if he’s lucky – snag a little something on the side. But the women in the bar are very strange tonight.
A group of local boys who shoot an old man’s dog just for spite find that, before the day is ended, there will be plenty more blood spilt.
The Lost
In 1965, teenage friends Ray, Tim, and Jennifer liked hanging out in the campgrounds, but Tim and Jennifer didn’t know what Ray had in mind for those two girls in the neighboring campground. Four years after Ray murdered the two girls, he’s never been charged. Tim and Jennifer thought the worst was behind them. They were wrong.
As her husband descends into insanity, Lydia Danse becomes determined to protect her beloved young son from his father, but a possessive Arthur Danse refuses to give up on the boy he considers his property.
Hoping to escape from her abusive ex-husband, a woman and her lover successfully carry out their plot to murder him, only to find themselves at the mercy of an obsessive, twisted stranger who witnessed the crime.
Hide And Seek
In a small Maine town, a group of thrill seeking college kids finds a game of hide and seek in an abandoned house turning into a reality of stark terror.
Honourable mentions:
  • The Passenger
  • Only Child
  • Cover
  • Old Flames
  • Peaceable Kingdom
What’s your favourite Jack Ketchum books? Let me know in the comments below.

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